Preserve Company Culture During Changing Times

How To Preserve Company Culture During Changing Times?

Multiple things might take a backseat during changing times in a company. These could be company culture, employee policies, engagement rules, and hiring and retiring processes. 

Amidst that, an HR person is in charge of driving this change with a predefined purpose. However, they keep finding more executable ways to preserve company culture during changing times

After all, a company must not lose its essence and vision even when times are rough. So, through the pointers below, you will get up close with what is a company culture along with its examples. 

These instances give readers a clearer picture of preserving a company’s unique and homegrown culture. Moreover, these tips can stand the test of time, economic, political, or social changes. 

But in the end, what drives company culture forward to employees – one after another – is its consistency. 

6 Ways To Preserve Company Culture During Changing Times In A Company Are:

Adapt to new circumstances.

While learning what is a company culture and how it works, HRs understand the importance of change management. With the quality of adaptability, a company is ready for bringing new and necessary changes to the organisation.

For example, before the pandemic, many companies used the offline system to calculate employee attendance. But during and after the pandemic, much of the workforce preferred working from home or remote locations.

In this case, companies had to shift to virtual biometric systems. These online systems helped companies time-tracking employees without the need for micromanaging. 

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Ensure that the communication is open and intelligent.

Employees need to talk openly and constructively in a firm with a strong company culture. Because if employees do not speak and share their opinions or concerns, the firm wouldn’t know what is a problem at the moment. 

To make conversations smoother, HRs can install Social Intranet features like the one available at uKnowva business solution platform.

Installing and using this feature helps in knowing how to preserve company culture during changing times in a communicational manner. There are reports of increased employee engagement and experience when indulging with a SI platform.

A platform like uKowvva Social Intranet can be fun, intuitive, and fully customised. This will ensure a more immersive experience for persuading employees to share their voices as a token of active participation.

Find out the tools your employees need and provide them with the same.

The best company culture example is to study your employees’ needs related to the tools they need. Because as the times are changing, so are the needs to handle and execute daily and mundane tasks render PDF.

If employees get a system like uKnowva HRMS, there is still a chance for them to automate their daily HR tasks. It will save their precious time and other efforts invested in regular time-consuming activities.

Later, employees can shift their attention to more critical tasks. These could be time-bound and related to specific projects that might help in their next appraisal cycle. 

If that practice is streamlined, employees will receive a wonderful experience. They will look forward to using new tools and tech. In addition, they become more knowledgeable about the latest on-cloud and mobile-enabled technology for easing their complex tasks. 

Besides that, the availability and accessibility of the right tools and tech automatically influence employees to stay longer. That means the firm has enough chances to improve its retention rates using the right tech tools. 

This could be an essential strategy to preserve company culture during changing times. 

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Focus on hiring smartly, intelligently, and automatically right. 

The importance of company culture begins and establishes a ground when HRs hire the right, smart, and intelligent. This could be using automated recruitment engines and pre/onboarding software. 

uKnowva is one such software available to HRs of today and tomorrow. They can access it online, from any device – literally from anywhere. It helps in streamlining their recruitment and onboarding process within a few steps. 

That’s just one company culture example when explaining how to hire right. Besides that, hiring managers can use automated algorithms based on triggered actions in the onboarding and recruitment engines. 

This helps automate tasks like CV parsing, candidate screening, and integrating candidates’ fulfilled data with required employee forms. Then, candidates’ dependency on HRs too reduces. This way, gradually, selected employees learn to be self-serving. 

And with the use of HR tech tools that automate certain hiring processes, there is less or no scope for human errors. 

Communicate company values and inculcate them consistently.

Hired employees must know what a company stands for. Regular surveys should be conducted to keep employees’ knowledge in check about it. The company must keep reinforcing company values with subtle cues.

The top company culture examples here could be:

Use of branded products – 

pens, notebooks, sticky notes, plants, notepads, t-shirts, bags, etc. These items should have the brand’s logo or tagline. Employers can distribute such items to their employees as the first contact of the stakeholders. 

Teaching types of company culture to employees – 

Companies can have flexible, rigid, modern, or an orthodox culture. But, most importantly, in today’s changing times, a more inclusive and diverse culture is the norm. 

So, you must include every human in your employee to respect equally without any room for discrimination. Gender pay must also be equal. 

Team-building activities –

Your HRs need to preserve company culture during changing times. However, it could not happen without boosting employees’ morale, trust, and connection to the company knowing its values. 

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So another way to make that happen is to regularly plan and execute team-building activities. These activities should be aligned with the core goal or vision of a company. 

These activities subtly teach employees how things work at the company and what things are allowed/not allowed. Employees recognise how a company is taking shape when participating in team-building games backed with company values. 

Recognise employee efforts on time:

Another calculative way to preserve company culture during changing times is to appreciate your honest and sincere employees on time. HR professionals execute that plan by declaring “Start of the Month” or “Top talent of the Month” or similar titles given in each field. 

It boosts each team’s talent and morale. There could even be “Star Teams of the Month” when many groups are contributing actively to the company’s success. 


Company culture defines the organisational behaviour a company accepts. It shows how employees finish or execute their assigned tasks there. But the importance of company culture has risen tremendously in the changing technological times. 

Now the world is as hyper-sensitive as hyper-connected they are. Employees want to actively contribute to the success of their teams and the organisation as a whole unit. That is the belief to preserve company culture during changing times often burdens HRs. 

After all, they are the initial change-makers in the firm. So, they have to continuously upgrade their knowledge of HR trends, policies, and ideas to bring to the company to become agile, adaptable, and modern. 

Plus, the six steps to preserve any company culture during the changing times in India or abroad are enough for a jumpstart. So, to begin with, HRs who are new or have less idea about managing a work culture can use the six concepts above.

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