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How to prepare for JEE Main Paper 2 General knowledge questions?

JEE Main exams are conducted for specialized courses like B.Arch, B.Tech, and B.Plan. And, this exam is supervised by National Testing Agency (NTA). Here, you can appear for this exam two times in one year. Additionally, the JEE exam is considered the most significant entrance exam as lakhs of students appear for this exam every year. Aspirants can join best online JEE Mains coaching classes by Creative Edge.

In this entrance exam, some students qualify for the exam with scoring high. However, some students fail to rank. Well, these things happen because they are not applying the right plans or strategies. Moreover, these students need to follow the right path to get success in the JEE mains exam. Thus, many times students have questions about how to prepare for JEE Main Paper 2 General knowledge questions.

Well, you are in the correct place. Here, you can find the right strategies to crack general knowledge questions for JEE Main Paper 2.

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5 Steps to crack General knowledge questions for JEE Main Paper 2

1. Understand the general Knowledge Syllabus:

At the beginning step, you need to go through JEE main paper 2 syllabus for general aptitude. Thus, the General knowledge paper is consisting of general awareness about recent development issues. Here, you need to understand the General aptitude syllabus. And, next, you have to divide the study sections. Alternatively, you are preparing a plan or strategy for your study.

2. Update your knowledge with recent news:

Did you know? Reading daily newspapers is not only a good habit. But it also helps you in gathering information related to general knowledge. Alternatively, you can read recent news on Google news feed or other platforms.

3. Reading Class XI and XII books:

The third most important thing is you need to go through class XI and XII books. Subsequently, it helps you to understand history, geography, and civics. Moreover, if you are not getting clarity from these books, then you can go through school-level social science books. Well, it will help you to understand the basics of the subject. After that, you should jump to another step.

4. Some reference books:

After going through the news and some old school books, it is very important for you to go through some reference books. Hence, these specialized books related to important buildings in India and the world are very helpful. As well, monuments in India and monuments in the world can also help you to gather knowledge. Next, you should jump to the MOCK test.

5. Practice MOCK test

Did you know? MOCK test is the best way to develop your JEE exam practices. Here, you can find many sample questions related to general knowledge. Alternatively, you can find the previous year’s questions. Well, these questions are sometimes repetitive in your JEE mains exams paper 2. Though, it can help you for your JEE exam. However, you should not rely on these previous years’ questions due to changing patterns of the questions. Alternatively, you should explore more things in the MOCK test.

Along with that, you just need to keep in your mind time management. Yes, you need to solve questions in a very fast mode. Thus, the Mock test gives you limited time to solve it. Here are some of the sample questions for your practice. Please have a look at it.

Sample for practice:

Glo Gumbaz is located in which Indian city?

1. Lucknow

2. Bijapur

3. Jaipur

4. Mujjafarpur

Garampani sanctuary is located in which city of India?

1. Kohima, Nagaland

2. Gangtok, Sikkim

3. Junagarh, Gujarat

4. Diphu, Assam

The Golf player Vijay Singh is representing which country?

1. India

2. UK

3. USA

4. Fiji

Well, you need to practice such kinds of questions in your mock test so that you can score well on your JEE mains exams paper 2.


After reading this post, you must have got an idea of how to prepare for JEE Main Paper 2 General knowledge questions. Thus, this post has suggested five steps. The following steps understand the General knowledge syllabus, updating your knowledge with recent news, reading class XI and XII books, reading some reference books, and practicing the MOCK test. Thus, these steps help you prepare your for JEE Main Paper 2 General knowledge questions very precisely.

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