How to prepare a worksheet for class 6 Science

How To Prepare A Worksheet For Class 6 Science

In terms of overall career development, class 6th is critical for every student. To prepare for their exams, students usually rely on a variety of sources.  So, it is the responsibility of a teacher to provide the Class 6 science worksheet to assist students in preparing for their upcoming exams. The best way of assessing the student is to provide the worksheet and let them solve it by themselves. Use the NCERT solutions for class 6 Science to answer all of the NCERT questions. Because the syllabus of CBSE is fulfilled by the NCERT content, and nothing is better than the NCERT content. 

That’s why it is highly important to use the NCERT stuff to clear all the basics and to better understand the chapters. The worksheet is the best choice for assessing the student’s preparation and their understanding of the topics. So two strengthen the preparation for science for class six students it is highly recommended to give them assignments in the form of worksheets. What should be included in the worksheet, how it should be designed, etc? So to clear all your doubts and give you all the answers related to how to prepare a worksheet for CBSE class 6 Science, and what are its advantages, the following information is given in such a manner that they will help you a lot.

Format of a worksheet

The worksheet should be designed in a good format so that students can show their interest in solving the worksheet without feeling bored and hence can solve the whole worksheet with interest and hassle-free. The format that you should follow to design the worksheet for class 6 students  is given below:

  • Start with writing the chapter’s name and number using bold style, so that it can be highlighted.
  • Include the first question, with at least 5 questions in the form of True and False
  • After that, give the second question as Fill in the Blanks with at least 5 questions.
  • The third question of the worksheet should be Match the Following type with at least 5 options.
  • Question number 4 should be: Give an Answer in one word with at least 5 sub-questions.
  • Question number 5 should be Short answer type questions.
  • Question number 6 should be Long answer type questions.
  • You can also include the last question as number 7 to give an easy practical assignment that can be made at home very easily and then tell them to write answers to the practical assignment in the worksheet. 
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In this way, you can prepare the format of  CBSE Class 6 Science Worksheets in an interesting way for the benefit of the students.

How to prepare a worksheet 

Since the worksheets are designed for assessing the progress and knowledge of the students related to the specific subject. That’s why it should be prepared for each chapter separately so that they can understand in which chapters they are lacking and in which chapters their grasp is good enough and hence they can improve themselves in the chapters where they are lacking. 

So, while preparing worksheets it should be kept in mind that they should be prepared chapter-wise. For example, there are a total of 16 chapters in the class 6 NCERT book of science therefore the worksheets should be prepared for every 16 chapters individually in the same format as discussed above. For a better understanding the name of the chapters of class 6 CBSE or say class 6 NCERT is given as under:

  1. Food where does it come from
  2. Components of food
  3. Fibre to Fabric
  4. Sorting materials into groups
  5. Separation of substances
  6. Changes around us
  7. Getting to know plants
  8. Body movements
  9. The living organisms and their surroundings
  10. Motion and Measurement of distances
  11. Light shadow of reflection
  12. Electricity and Circuits
  13. Fun with magnets
  14. Water
  15. Air around us
  16. Garbage in Garbage out

After giving worksheets chapter-wise to the students, a mixed type of worksheet which includes 5-5 chapters each should also be given and prepared in the same format with an increased number of questions. For example, make a single worksheet for chapters 1 to 5, including the important questions from important topics, and prepare it in the same format as mentioned above but include more questions in it as it is preparing for 5 chapters. This kind of worksheet will help the students for the preparation of their unit tests, half-yearly exams as well as the final exam. 

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Advantages of worksheet for CBSE class 6 Science students

There are many advantages of solving a worksheet for the students; a few of them have been discussed below. 

  • By solving NCERT based worksheets of class 6, students can enhance their thinking and problem-solving approach to solve the questions.
  • Solving worksheets help the student to develop their subjective knowledge in a very simple, funny as well as interactive way.
  • If a student practices on worksheets regularly then it is a high possibility that he or she will be able to understand the things by themselves and hence they will be able to solve the problems and understand the concepts of science without the help of taking any personal guidance from anyone.
  • The worksheets are the best way to revise the chapters without any extra effort.
  • Worksheets are the best to encourage classroom activity for the students.

The best time to solve class 6 science worksheets 

If you have a question regarding when to solve the worksheets, that is what is the best time for the students to solve the class 6 science worksheet then here is the answer to your question. The worksheet should be solved after completing each chapter for example someone just completed the chapter, Air around us. Then just after completing the exercise given in the book, students should instantly solve the worksheet to know how much they read from this chapter and what they need to read to know more about this chapter. 

Students should also solve more worksheets before the unit test, monthly test,  quarterly test, half-yearly test, and annual test. This method will help to revise the specific syllabus in less time with lots of practice. 

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Preparing works is important for the teachers and solving them is important for the students. The worksheet helps to develop the thinking ability of the students and is also helpful in performing well. Hence helpful in assessing the preparation and overall knowledge as well as in scoring good marks in every examination. 

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