How to Play Dragon Tiger in BK8?

You may have heard of the Dragon Tiger, and no, we are not talking of any Kung-Fu movie. We are talking of the very popular card game from Asia. The game has, of late, become a sensation beyond Asia online across all casinos. 

It is not surprising to note that Asian gamers prefer variety, and they also have an eye for coming up with the most unique games themselves. This is why the casinos here have the best and the most diverse titles to quench their craving for Asian gamers. But not just Asian-based casinos like BK8, even the casinos from other countries of the world offer titles to suit them. 

Today, even players from other countries prefer the Dragon Tiger and Sic Bo, two famous types of games from Asia. They love the smart strategies you have to use for playing the same. Now that you have understood the fame let us discuss more in detail about Dragon Tiger. 

What is Dragon Tiger?

If you love Baccarat, you will also enjoy and understand Dragon Tiger in BK8 online casino Malaysia. This resembles the Baccarat more or less. You play with a 52-card deck and without any Jack or wild cards. So, there are between 6 and 8 cards in a show. You may choose to bet on Dragon or Tiger’s hand.

Till this, it is similar to Baccarat, however, in that you had to bet on Banker’s hand, or Player’s hand or on a tie. Coming back to the Dragon Tiger, after the dealer gives you two cards, and you see the cards, the dealer will draw one card from each side. The highest card will decide the outcome. Now, this is the basic idea of the game. Let us get into a step-by-step approach to the game online. 

How to Play Dragon Tiger Online Casino Games?

  • Look for a reliable casino like BK8.
  • Go to the Live dealer section. 
  • Select the Dragon Tiger lobbies from AE Gaming and Sexy Baccarat 
  • Deposit the money into your account. 
  • Check out promos and avail them using the appropriate bonus codes if any.
  • Bet on Dragon, Tiger, or a tie and even bet specifically into Big or Small.
  • Depending on your place’s bets and the betting option you place, the dealer will announce the winner.

A point to note here is that the house edge of both the Dragon and Tiger bets is 3.73%. Also, remember that the odds of betting on either a dragon or a tiger will be 1:1. So, you will get an amount equal to your bets if you win. However, you will get 50% of your bets if it ends in a tie. 

Baccarat Rules 

Baccarat is perhaps a one-card game with the rules closest to Dragon Tiger, as we have already mentioned. So, baccarat aims to get cards closest to 9. You place the bets on which hand you think will have the cards closest to 9. If, after dealing with the cards, you see that the hands you predicted reach a total of 9, you get the winnings. How much you win will vary as per the hand that wins. Betting in favour of the Banker will be risky, but so is the bet for a player. We may draw analogies to the Dragon Tiger in that respect. The not-so-rewarding bet is a tie. 

Understand that Baccarat rules are more or less close to the Dragon Tiger, let us breeze through them too. 

In a Baccarat game, you ask the dealer to place the bets on a player or a banker or a tie. 

  • The dealer will give you two cards, and the banker will receive two cards. 
  • If a player receives a 6 or 7, he stands. 
  • The player will receive another card if he has cards of values 0 to 5. In this case, several other features will happen. 
  • When the player gets cards 8 to 9, he or she can stand or go for a natural hand-over. 

Mode of Play

Remember that the live dealer will have a semi-circular board with sections denoting Dragon, Tiger, Tie, Dragon Big, Dragon Small, Tiger Big, and Tiger Small along with Tie. In the case of Dragon Tiger, the banker bet is the best. It is also better to consider counting the cards to keep track of the big and small cards. In BK8 online casino Malaysia, you can also play slots game like archer slot, sports betting game like CMD368 bet, horse racing game: 

This is essential since you will see it on a traditional Dragon Tiger board offline or online. It will also guide you on how the dealer handles the 7s. Why is this 7 so important? The punters who know the game or play it regularly will tell you that whatever you bet, there is no escaping the loss if you get a 7. 

Experts in the game prefer the strategy of suits. This will be where they keep an eye on the suit of cards that have come out more frequently. So, if you see the dealer has till now, given out very few of the hearts suit, your next cards will be in this suit only. 

This said, do you know that if you place a bet on Spade suit, you get an odd of 3:1? You earn a similar way if you bet on diamond, heart, or club as well. This means you bet that either the Dragon or Tiger hand will be in a spade suit. If your predictions are right, you win 3 times the bet along with the bet amount. 

Another similarity Dragon Tiger shares with Baccarat is the worst bet being a tie bet. We do not know why no one likes this bet. In Baccarat, for instance, if you bet that the outcome of a player and a banker will be the same, you are betting on a tie. This means you are getting against an odd of 8:1. This may look superb and may tempt gamers. But the chance or probability of you getting this will also be equally rare.

On top of that, the house advantage you have to pay is 14.2%. It means your bet has to be high, and the risk of this event not happening is high too. So, it is as rare an event, and that makes it not worth the effort. Sadly, if you want to wager on a tie, you cannot overcome this misfortune.

In Dragon Tiger also, the house edge on a tie is as high as 32.77%. The odds are also 8:1 as in Baccarat. Once again, this also translates to your chances of facing a loss of around 79,872 more. You should stay away from this betting option at all costs if you are not planning to lose big. 

There is an odd bet to check out while playing Dragon Tiger. So, when you bet on a Tiger hand or a Dragon hand, you want it to receive the value of an odd number. If this turns right, you will get a reward equal to your bet along with the bet at a ratio of 1:1. 

The Even bet is another option where you bet on even number predictions. The odds are again 1:1, and this can be a great bet to try if you are in for some excitement. 

Irregularities of Playing Dragon Tiger

Many punters opt for betting on the tie because the chances of winning can be 11:1. This said, there are a few irregularities. 

When you get a foreign card in the game, all results of the previous games will stand, and the current round will be void. 

If you cannot reconstruct the hand after the dealer draws more than one card and deals it as the Dragon or Tiger hand, the round will be void. 

The same will happen when you cannot reconstruct or ascertain the cards and even see how they order. After the dealer declares ‘No More Bets,’ you should not place or withdraw any wager. 

Register BK8 Account and Top-up to Play Dragon Tiger

BK8 is a trusted site from Malaysia where you can play Baccarat or Dragon Tiger. As an Asian site, there is no dearth of variety in versions. They have collaborations with some of today’s leading gaming developers. This includes SA Gaming, Evolution, Microgaming, AllBet, eBET, Asia Gaming, Gameplay Interactive, and more. They offer some of the varied versions of Baccarat with pleasant live dealers. Moreover, there is Sexy Baccarat to check out, too, for a fun time. 

This famous site has plenty of regular offers and promotions for gamers to try and make a winning bet. Look for these bonuses and even enjoy the ever-updating range of games. So, there is never a dull moment as you check the Dragon Tiger or Baccarat titles. 

But wait, there is more to BK8 than just these live casino games. You may even check out the slots, poker, fishing, e-sports, or regular sports betting. When you come to the site to play Dragon Tiger, you will fulfil all your desires. 

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