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How to meet on social networks?

Dating today is made in different places and at other times in life. Clubs, transport, work – these are not all options where you can find interesting people. Perhaps the lack of time is the main reason people dive into the Web in search of new acquaintances.

 And this is logical because today the computer and the Internet are in almost every home. As a result, more and more young people are looking for their love through an online dating site.

How does this happen?

  It all starts with a questionnaire that you fill out on a dating site and your photos available for viewing by other participants. We have already written about filling out a questionnaire on a dating site. Listen to the advice of the site about what you can and can not write in your profile, how to choose good photos, how to dress for a photoshoot.

 Now let’s talk about how to get acquainted on the Internet if you want your search to be successful—general advice first, then – the nuances of meeting guys and girls.

Even better – if you dare to write a letter. Where to start and how to write a good first message on dating site? Here are some tips. Carefully read the questionnaire of the object of your desire. This can help to have an interesting conversation. Agree; starting a conversation with someone you know something about is easier than with a stranger.

It is not easy to start online communication with a member of the opposite sex. But, as you know, water does not flow under the stone. And your profile may get lost in the network and never get any response. Therefore it is necessary not to be afraid and make the first step. Whether it’s an assessment of his photo or a virtual wink – the main thing is to draw attention.

If you see a mention of interesting music groups, movies, and writers in the questionnaire, start the conversation with this. Say that you also liked, for example, the film adaptation of “The Hunger Games” or the novel “Over the abyss in life.” Briefly describe what you wanted and ask why she liked the film (story). If there are no common interests, ask him (her) about the place of residence, time zones, weather. You can start any communication with neutral topics.

 If you like a guy (or a girl) and you do not know where to start communication, see what competitions on the site he participated in and how he commented on other people’s photos. Many dating sites organize similar games and competitions, such as “Me and the Children” or “Funny Photos .”Maybe they will help you choose a topic to start the conversation.

Rules of acquaintance in the Network

  1. If you are sent a letter – try to send a reply as soon as possible. At the same time, give a detailed answer to the questions asked to you and ask something yourself to make the interlocutor continue the dialogue. And, of course, write competently!
  2. Unfortunately, on dating sites and social networks, you can not only find your soul mate but also meet a scammer. You are probably familiar with “Nigerian letters .”So, there is a similar type of fraud. A handsome man from a hot African country who chose you for an unknown reason writes to you in broken English. He tells the story of being very rich, but some villain blocks his money. You are invited to help, send him some money for a bribe, commission, etc. Of course, if you send money, it will go to fraudsters.
  3. When communicating on the Internet, never leave your real address passport data. If you are promised financial assistance in the first week of dating and ask for bank account details, do not rush to disclose this information. It may well be that your alleged benefactor is a scammer who is conducting a banking scam.

Who should register on a dating site?

It does not matter who registers on the dating site. The main thing is that it was a person over 18 and was not a scammer or some maniac. And so everyone is kindly invited to find their happiness.

Through the sites, you can get acquainted with your compatriots and with boys and girls from other countries. This possibility may seem especially interesting to middle-aged women because marriages are not uncommon in the West, where the fairer sex is older than their chosen one.

And independent women of the West pay a lot of attention to their careers, unlike Russian beauties, for whom the family has always been in the first place. This is what attracts foreign Slavic brides because they embody the comfort and warmth of a family home and, at the same time, have time to build a career and look attractive.

 To strike up a conversation with a foreigner, you can say, if you are studying Italian, ask for help building the right sentence, etc. This interlocutor may not be your destiny, but he (she) will be interested in helping you learn his native language. Usually, the topic of conversation is born by itself after a detailed study of the questionnaire. The main thing – do not lose the little things!

 In addition to correspondence, we recommend communicating with the chosen one through a video chat of the dating site. It will help to determine whether to continue communication or to ban and look for a new acquaintance in a short time.


It is very interesting to meet online. However, it should be understood that a promising groom probably communicates on the site with you and at least a couple of other girls, choosing the best. And even a personal meeting can be scheduled with several. And just try to interest the interlocutor so that he forgets to think about someone else.

 You should not expect that the first or second acquaintance will be fateful. It is necessary to prepare for long and detailed work on the arrangement of the personal life and to be at the same time active and cheerful. Otherwise, it is unlikely that will happen.

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