How To Make Your Marriage A Success With Astrology?

Your life partner is the one you must and want to share a lot of time with throughout your life. To make your marriage successful, the partners must have some compatibility and understanding. The primary focus of marriage counseling is understanding the aspects of the marriage that bring you the most joy and factors that keep you committed to your partner. In addition, it also discusses the various areas in which one must be willing to be flexible to have a happy and fruitful married life in the long run. 

This is where the function of the Sun, planets, and stars comes into play. A professional astrologer can tell you what planet is accountable for a successful marriage based on the horoscope’s planetary placements; therefore, it’s worth consulting with one to learn more about it.

How Does Astrology Evaluate Marriage?

The astrologer examines a person’s horoscope and looks at the state of various houses and the positioning of various planets to ascertain the heavenly will of the native about the marital domain.

In terms of compatibility for marriage, the following properties are recommended:

  • The Second House is known as the “Family House” because it represents the nuclear family.
  • The Seventh House is the one that refers to a person’s “Life Partner.”
  • The 11th House is known as the house that represents “Gains and the Fulfillment of Desires.”

The homes that are considered unsuitable for marriage include:

  • The First House is known as the “Lonely House” due to its position in the zodiac.
  • The Sixth House is the home that symbolizes the aspects of “Quarreling and Disharmony.”
  • The tenth house is known as the house that represents “Courts and Separations.”

It is the stars that determine the outcomes of houses, though. According to the ‘Vimshottari Dasha,’ it is also important to note that planets influence the houses’ placement, ownership, or aspect affiliated with them.

In astrology, Venus is regarded as the ‘Natural Significator of Marriage.’ Venus must be placed in the native’s horoscope correctly to ensure a successful marriage and long-lasting relationship.

Tips for a Happy Married Life Based on Astrology

With the guidance of astrology, couples can regain their former marital bliss. Here are some astrological remedies for a blissful marriage:

  • Keep the tulsi plant in your home and pray to it every day.
  • Placing empty sugar bags on your balcony or terrace is an excellent idea.
  • When the home becomes too argumentative, negativity flows. Using salt water to clean the floor is a way of getting rid of a nasty feeling in the house. When cleaning the floors, be sure to use sea salt.
  • Thursday is the most important day to adore your partner, as it brings joy and harmony. Pay a visit to a temple on this day to see Ram-Janaki and distribute the prasad.
  • If you and your partner decide to make a jaggery Shivling, especially Rudrabhishekar, on the day of Pradosh fasting, you can bring happiness back into your marriage. This therapy has the potential to produce positive results in marriages within a short period.
  • To avoid unwanted arguments between husband and wife every day, both the husband and the wife or either of them can maintain silence for some time on Wednesdays. Continue using this cure if you desire a happy marriage.
  • It is believed that if you buy white sweets or perfumes and present them to your mate on Friday, then by doing this remedy, the conflict will be eliminated, and sweetness will remain in your relationship.
  • It is believed that by placing Jamun’s leaves strategically throughout the bedroom on Saturdays, problems associated with marital life can be resolved, and a greater sense of harmony and love can be achieved between partners.
  • If you and your partner feel like you don’t have much in common, try surprising them with a bouquet of aromatic flowers on Friday. This therapy helps restore harmony and sweetness to a marriage.
  • Hang your picture in the house’s southwest direction. The photo should be framed in a color that is slightly off-white for the best luck possible. The choice of an off-white frame enhances the Venus Element, which helps deepen your relationship and increase mutual understanding and affection.
  • During the month of Shravan, wives can also perform the Mangala Gauri puja in their homes to ensure a happy and prosperous married life for themselves and their partners. Many obstacles can be overcome by praying during this time of year.


Remember that your marital relationship is a crucial part of your life. Astrological guidance could enrich your life, but you must act appropriately and seek it out! Astrology is a true gift to humanity since it allows couples to have a blissful married life together once specific corrective steps have been implemented.

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