How To Know If Headphones Have a Good Bass? 

Music is the one thing to which no one says no. Music is always a delight for the ears, whether it’s on a loudspeaker, concert, or headphones. Yet, most people like us prefer personal listening experiences through headphones. You can treat yourself with open-back or closed headphones for effective noise canceling. This way, you can have a theatre experience at your home without any gaps or causing noise for the neighbors. 

However, for an efficient surround sound experience, it is significant to have headphones with quality bass. Yet, most people struggle with checking if the headphones have good bass. Undoubtedly, a balanced sound effect with good bass is a must for an incredible listening experience when you are buying Soundcore bass headphones. Plus, what’s better than knowing about the bass without trying the headphones? 

Here is our checklist to determine if the headphones have good bass. 

  • Frequency response 

The foremost step is to check the frequency response as it sets the sound’s base. We generally ignore this specification. In literal terms, it implies the determination of the ability to produce equal highs, mids, and lows. The experts suggest choosing bass headphones that have an average frequency range of 20 to 20,000 Hz. It is the best range for sub-bass tones like rap songs, hip-hop, or instrumental music. It enables you to treat yourself with good bass headphones without distortions. 

  • Incorporated Driver’s size and type

If you are an audiophile, you must know that the drivers are responsible for generating bass and synchronizing. The more efficient and suitable the drivers are, they offer a more immersive listening experience. For this, choosing the drivers of fit- size, and type is essential. There are drivers of different sizes like 8,10,20, and 50mm. The suggestible size is 40 to 50mm for perfect surround sound effects. If you choose drivers of larger sizes, you will have a high sound effect. Above all, it’s crucial to match the frequency range with the driver’s size for good bass headphones. For good measure, headphones incorporate dynamic coil drivers for good bass on low power consumption. 

  • Bass Booster effect

Several headphones also employ bass boosts to manage their levels according to the music type. It alters the EQ limits on your headphones to ensure good bass. However, you can face a little distortion at first for a while, but it’s normal. We thought to inform you beforehand if you are considering this factor before buying good bass headphones. We can also recommend Soundcore Life Q20 headphones that contain BassUp technology for stronger bass. It ensures higher bass but a smooth audio effect for the listeners. 

  • Headphones dB levels

The sensitivity level is another factor that one must check when buying efficient bass headphones. The high sensitivity levels of headphones measured in dB imply that you can listen to music with a louder effect at low volume. You don’t have to increase the volume of headphones with high dB levels. This factor offers dual benefits of saving power consumption with a more secure listening experience. 


The Bass headphone’s specifications don’t end here. Yet, we hope this guide may help you get the best bass headphones that perfectly suit your needs and are worth the price. However, if you don’t have time to check all the given specs, ensure that you choose bass headphones with 40 to 55mm sized drivers, supporting a frequency range above 20 Hz. Driver size and type assurance are crucial to avoid distortions on higher volumes. If you still can’t decide what to choose, we suggest you try Soundcore bass headphones for noise-canceling and immersive listening, similar to a home theatre or live concert. 

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