How To Keep Gaming Addiction At Bay

The gaming technology today is far different from what it was before. There are more and more games being introduced today, and more and more gadgets can be used to play different games. When you read a gaming technology blog, you will realize how technology has changed the gaming industry. If before, you only had a few games to play, now, your options are endless, from fun to more violent gaming options. 

Some even spend their hard earned money just to progress or level up with the game they choose to play. There is absolutely nothing wrong with playing online games but if it is being played excessively, you have to take action to stop your simple online gaming addiction. 

Avoiding gaming addiction is easier said than done but there are many ways you can do to make it happen. If you think that you are playing beyond what you are only supposed to, here are some things that can somehow help you avoid gaming addiction. 

Think of other activities, there are so many activities out there, not just online gaming. Introduce yourself to sports, arts, and the like. If you will just focus on online gaming, then there is no way you can get out of that addiction. 

There are a lot of great activities you can do and enjoy, try them out. There is nothing wrong if you will go back to online gaming from time to time, but if it is excessive or if you cannot think of any other activities than online gaming, then it can be wrong already.

  • Set a time limit

Time your gaming and make sure to follow. If you think you need an alarm, bring a clock or set an alarm on your phone. Because of the fun, excitement and entertainment you can get from online gaming, you sometimes lose track of the time, hence bringing an alarm can remind you that it is time to stop. 

When the alarm rings, do not make any excuses, and immediately stop the game. There are some who still continue playing even after the alarm, hence making them go beyond the time they limit themselves. You have to be very disciplined if you want to make sure that you won’t go beyond your time limits. 

  • Consult a professional when necessary

If you think that you cannot help yourself any more, do not think twice consulting a professional. This is actually the last resort but needless to say, you have to take it seriously when necessary. 

Some are in denial that they need professional help, they think that they can work on freeing themselves of the addiction on their own, only to find out that their addiction is getting worse. 

It may be hard to accept, but there are some instances when this is the only option you have. 

  • Spend time with family and friends

Instead of spending all your time in front of your computer, television, table or mobile phone, why not spend some of your time with your family and friends? They should be your strongest wall to lean on when the going gets tough. Spend time with them, and if you can, seek help from them as well. 

  • Keep yourself away from things that will remind you of computer gaming

Once in a while, you can box up your gaming console for a week or more. Keep anything that will remind you of online gaming away from your sight. This is a great way to help you forget about online gaming even just for a while. 

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