How to improve employee engagement on your intranet?

How to improve employee engagement on your intranet?

When it comes to employee engagement, internal communication is the biggest challenge companies face these days. No matter what industry you work in, your employees need knowledge resources to perform their duties. And in this digital era, nothing can be better than an employee intranet.

An employee intranet is a private network that acts as a repository where you can keep all the crucial information of your organization in one place. It can be accessed by all the employees of an organization. The more the employees use the intranet, the more connected they become with their colleagues and the company.

Not only does intranet software help enhance conversations but also increase knowledge sharing and employee engagement. However, implementing an intranet is not enough. You must have a thorough understanding of its features to get the most out of it, your employee’s needs, and how to use it for effective communication. In addition, you need to create a strategy to improve your workplace culture. Keeping all these factors together will help you create an environment where employees love to work and do their best.

So, here are a few ideas you can use to get the most out of your intranet and enhance employee engagement.

  • Keep things simple: The best thing about a modern employee intranet portal is that it can be customized and configured in different ways. However, sometimes organizations take this flexibility too far and choose an intranet platform with a complex layout that is difficult to use and congested with unnecessary features. If you choose an intranet platform that makes your employee’s tasks difficult instead of streamlining them, your employees won’t use it. Since the goal of implementing an intranet is to make their lives easier, it is suggested to opt for a tool with a simple layout. Not only will it be easy to navigate, but your employees will also love to use it.
  • Use employee surveys: Employee surveys are an outstanding way to get direct feedback from your employees. You can create a survey with a list of questions that helps you understand what features are essential for your intranet software. Employee surveys offer you an opportunity to pinpoint specific areas of your organization that need improvements and enable you to choose the best employee intranet solution. So, you must send multiple surveys every year, especially if you want to enhance employee engagement. However, don’t forget to leave space for open-ended answers when opting for this method.
  • Implement a launch plan: Before implementing your intranet, make sure all your employees are comfortable with the intranet. And the best way to get everyone on the same platform is to have an intranet launch plan. No matter for what reason you want to have the best intranet software, top-down communication is a must. When you create a launch plan, make sure you educate your employees about the benefits of the intranet. Share a clear set of goals with the team managers so that they can convince their teams to use the intranet. Apart from this, you have to schedule training so that every employee can understand how to use it and get answers to their questions.
  • Clarify goals from the beginning: If you want your employees to use a CMS employee intranet, they must understand its benefits. Just like any other aspect of business, the chances of success will always be higher when you clear your goals to your team. For instance, if team collaboration is your goal, explain to your staff that projects will be assigned via the intranet, and whatever information they need is available on the intranet. This way, everyone would know what and why they are doing and how to do it in the right way.
  • Create employee profiles: Since modern internal portals for employees incorporate social media features, you can create profiles of your employees to enhance employee engagement. As people love to engage with their team members, when you create employee profiles, your employees can directly connect with their colleagues via the corporate intranet, strengthening their bond with each other.
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The Bottom Line

While these are a few ways you can use to improve employee engagement via an employee intranet, there are many more, including marketing your intranet, using intranet newsfeeds, onboarding new employees via the intranet, updating your calendars, encouraging content creation, etc. So, if you want to see your business at new heights, implement an intranet now!

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