How To Get Instant Likes When You Post On Instagram

Instagram is a game of followers and likes. The more followers you have the more recognized you will be, similarly, more likes could mean more engagement. Living in an ever-evolving society where Instagram is one of the best places to showcase talent. 

More and more people signing up on Instagram in hope of being recognized and their talents appreciated. This has only created tough competition to survive. If you are someone who wants to be recognized for their work then likes, followers, shares, and comments all play an important role. 

The more engagement there is on your page the more recognized you and your content will be. Today, we will talk about some incredible ways that can help you in getting more likes on Instagram. 

Want To Get More Likes On Instagram?

If you too want to increase your reach and want to get more likes on Instagram then continue reading!

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Share Content That Works 

To share content that works on your Instagram you need to be aware of your audience. Once you know what your audience likes and wants to see you can easily fulfill their wishes. 

Post pictures, reels, and videos that care like worthy and share worth. If your content gets shared then it will automatically get more engagement. Identify what genre you like the best and work towards it. 

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Do not forget to use trendy memes, audio, and viral posts to create your own version. Trending posts often make it to the explore page. If you use trending audio in your reel then there is a higher chance you will get more reach.

Post On The Right Time 

Instagram is not difficult to work with, follow the easy peasy tips and you will be able to reach your goal. Research has shown that there is a particular season of every day when you are bound to get greater engagement.

Indeed, it’s a tried and tested method to get more reach. In this way, as per reports the best chance to post is from Monday on Friday is between 11 Am and 2 Pm.

This is perhaps the most preferred time since most of us are in the office and take a mid-day break and we like to unwind and watch reels. For weekends the best chance to post is between 12 Pm and 3 Pm and around evening time after 8 PM.

Explore Geotags 

One more method for getting more likes is by utilizing geotags. You can make your Instagram posts and stories acquire commitment by labeling the locality and area.

Areas can become a significant part of assisting you with getting more Instagram likes. Very much like hashtags, areas likewise have their own Instagram feed that makes your profile discoverable.

Monitor Your Engagement 

Checking your development is perhaps the simplest method for knowing what you are doing well and what needs improvement. Take a look at the posts that has the most impressions, see what gets shared more, and make a comparative substance.

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We realize it isn’t difficult to get more likes and comments however you can approach slowly and carefully to accomplish your objectives. Plan and execute your content. Sometimes our gut knows what post is appropriate and what is not. For example, if you post a wedding lookbook during the wedding season then you will get more engagements. People will share your content with their friends and family.

There are little things that can help you in getting more likes on your Instagram post.

Run A Like-To-Win Contest

A lot of creators actually post contests like these to get more likes and well, they do get successful. A like-to-win contest is where you post a contest and to win your followers must like and comment on the post. 

This is a very famous and effective way to get more likes on your post. If you have never tried this method then we would highly suggest you go ahead with it. 

Buy Instagram Likes 

Well, not to brag but it might be one of the smartest ways to get instant likes on your Instagram post. A lot of us are struggling to make ends meet on Instagram and buying likes can actually help us in grabbing more engagement. 

Likes also build a brand identity, it shows that the brand is reliable and honest. You can buy real instagram likes from one of the legit website IGInstant


We hope you liked the tips we shared above to get more likes on your Instagram post. Do try them out and see what works best for you!

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