How to Fix Windows License Will Expire Soon

We all know how important Operating Systems are for our laptops and systems. When we buy a new laptop or a new computer, we don’t have to worry about the Operating System as the manufacturing company does it all for us. But these days, people are interested in DOS(Disk Operating Systems) more than these pre-loaded operating systems.

What is DOS?

Before moving on to the actual highlight of this article, we must discuss what a DOS is. DOS is something that is involved with custom-made computers. When we get our computers made with customisation, we often ask the retailer to load an Operating System manually on the computer. Now, this might sound very straightforward, but doing so is the reason why so many illegal copies of Microsoft Windows exist.

What is the problem with illegal copies of Windows?

Now we’re finally moving on to the highlight of this article. You must be thinking, even if it is an illegal copy of Windows on your computer, what problems can it give rise to? The most common problem with illegal copies of Windows is that it shows an error message as “Your Windows License will expire soon”. Now that sounds problematic, right? Don’t worry; we’re here to let you know the solutions to this problem.

Buy an authentic copy of Windows.

The first thing that you can do and is very obvious is buy an authentic copy of the Windows Operating System. Sometimes, if it’s a pirated copy of Windows that you are using, the error message “Windows License will expire soon” will show up unnecessary. So, if you will have an authentic copy of Windows, you won’t come across this error message that often.

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Taking the help of cmd

We all are aware that cmd is acts like a therapist for laptops and computers, so let’s take the aid of that. In order to get rid of this error message, you’d have to write the following command in the CMD: slmgr -rearm.

Buy machines from authentic wholesalers

Another thing that you must ensure is that you buy computers/laptops from authentic wholesalers always. Even if you are getting the computer customised, there are certain trustworthy retailers who will do the same for you without causing any issues.

Laptop repairs

Sometimes, no matter how much we try to get rid of technical issues on our devices, we just can’t do it ourselves. That is when we should get the help of an expert. If you live somewhere near Dadar, you’d be delighted to know that there are hundreds of amazing centres that provide computer repair service in Dadar.

Laptop repair in Dadar is very easy to get done. A machine repairman will definitely solve your problem and you won’t have to face any issues anymore.

What if we leave this unsolved?

Now, what if, for some reason, you decide to leave this issue unsolved? Except for that annoying error message, is there something other than that that could go wrong? Let’s see what other problems it is going to give rise to.

  • You won’t be able to customise the PC settings, which is really unfair for people who are great fans of personalisation features.
  • Other settings like the screen resolution and the theme of your Operating System will also go back to, by default, bland settings.
  • The background will simply become a plain black screen which can be really upsetting to look at.
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All of this must be enough reason for you to get rid of this issue with your Operating System, and we’d strongly suggest that you don’t neglect it. With machines, we never know what major problems some minor problems can turn into.

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