How to Find the Best Workforce Intelligence Software

The digital age has changed how organizations attract, develop, and keep talent. Workforce intelligence software is a tool for maximizing employee potential. Here is some information to help you choose the best workforce intelligence software:

What to Look for in Workforce Intelligence Software

Decide what you want it to do for your organization. Identify the key features and benefits for your business.

Key Features:
•    What are the main functions of this type of system? What can it do? 
•    How large is the team that will be using this product? Will different departments have access?
•    How much data does your organization currently collect from employees and customers? Is there an existing database? 

Create a List of Requirements

Before shopping around, know what you will use the workforce intelligence software for. This will help narrow your search.

To create a list of requirements, consider the following:

  • What are the business problems you are trying to solve? (i.e., improving sales figures, reducing operating costs)
    •    The business outcomes you want to achieve. (i.e., increase customer retention rates)
    •    What is your budget and timeframe? (e.g., $10K per month; 3 months)

Narrow Down Your Requirements and Identify Gaps In The Market

Before searching for workforce intelligence solutions, create requirements to narrow down potential candidates. Once you’ve identified which solutions match your needs, identify gaps in the market.

The best way to start is by creating a template for each list:

Requirements Template: Use this template if you’re looking for new software solutions. Add specific details about what data to collect from each employee and how often. No aspect of your current system goes unnoticed when comparing different vendors’ offerings.

Gap Analysis Template: Use this if there are specific gaps in what’s available. Consider whether any features would improve productivity within an organization.

Review the Vendors’ Features and Benefits

Employees Intelligence software vendors offer various features and benefits. To find the right vendor, test which ones provide a good value for your business needs.

Good support aids success when implementing worker intelligence software. Consider how the vendor will help with your implementation and ongoing maintenance needs. 

Look for a vendor offering flexible pricing models. These may be one-time fees that include updates and upgrades. 

Perform Initial Technical Evaluations

A technical evaluation allows you to make sure that the software can handle all the data. You can build the solution using best-in-class technology and security practices. It can reduce risk by identifying potential issues early.

Customize the Software to Meet Your Organization’s Needs

By selecting the right vendor, you can customize the software to fit your organization’s needs. If you want to use it for analytics but also need it integrated with HR systems. Find out if this is something their product can do before signing on with them.

There shouldn’t be any other barriers preventing customization after signing the contract. Barriers could include some service agreements. 

Do a Proof-Of-Concept Test before Signing a Contract

Test the proof-of-concept by using a free trial version or a beta version. Demo your internal system against one of these products. You may get access to an open-source version that will allow you to see how it works for yourself.

Your Organization Can Achieve Better Business Outcomes

Collecting, analyzing, and acting upon data is the cornerstone of any successful organization. With a workforce intelligence program, organizations can understand their people and processes better. This can lead to better business outcomes.

Operations become efficient because the software helps optimize your internal resources. You’ll see better customer service due to access to reliable employee information.

If you want employees engaged with their work, employee intelligence software gives an insight into what’s working. It allows employees to focus on improving areas that need attention.
Good decision-making comes from using a workforce intelligence program. When managers access accurate information about employee performance, leaders can make smarter decisions. 


Your business can benefit from effective workforce intelligence software. It gives you some tips on finding the best product for your organization and provides insights into evaluating vendors and their features. After research, you’ll have a clearer sense of your business’s needs. This software can help you evaluate other companies if you are looking to invest in them or are considering a merger.


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