How to delete messages in Google Hangouts

How To Delete Messages In Google Hangouts

Hangouts is now a popular communication platform on PCs. It is the go-to program for all communication requirements. Although hangouts work like WhatsApp, a lot of features are not on Google hangouts. Publish a sent message on hangouts is more different than other communication apps. There’s a lot of limitations in deleting an email from Hangouts.

How to delete messages in Google Hangouts
          How to delete messages in Google Hangouts

There is absolutely no method to delete messages from someone else’s device. Also, note that Google hangouts do not offer you the choice of deleting individual messages. You may only remove entire conversations with a single user with a set.

How to delete Message in Hangouts using PC

Step 1: Open your Gmail account and head to Hangouts window (bottom left corner) or go to

Step 2: Click on chat that you need to delete.

Step 3: click on the “Settings” icon on the top right of the chat

Step 4: Click on “Delete conversation” (Trash icon).

Step 5: Select the Delete button to delete the entire conversation.

Step 6: Then you can easily delete the conversation is to hover over the chat, click the three-dotted icon on the right side of the chat.

Step 7: click the Delete option, in the confirmation pop-up, click Delete.


Delete Message from the Hangouts Mobile App

Step 1: Open the Google Hangouts app.

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Step 2: Choose the conversation that you would like to delete.

Step 3: Click on the three vertical dots at the top right corner.

Step 5: Click on”Delete conversation” close to the base of the options.

Step 6: “Delete” once the alert opens.

Step 7: When you delete the conversation onto a smartphone or another device, it is going to get deleted anywhere. You delete it from the Google account, as well as your devices connected to it.

Delete a Picture Sent via Google Hangouts

If you would like to remove images that you shared through hang-outs, you can certainly do that on your Google record. And, this may delete the image on both ends of their conversation.

On your computer, head to On your record archive file, you will get a folder labelled photos from hangouts.” There, you’ll see each of the images you’ve routed through Google hangouts. Publish any pictures that you would like to eliminate, and so they will automatically disappear from the respective conversations.

Some Thoughts:

Once you delete a message, you can not restore the messages. With this, you’re able to hide your messages. You need to click the Archive conversations on the Preferences menu. All archived messages will be available on the Archived conversations. In hang-outs, you can’t delete one message because you do it on Whatsapp. You can use only the whole conversation. Deleting a single message is available just on GSuite. Though you delete all of the messages, then it’ll still appear on the other end of the user.

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