How to deal with conveyor common faults in coal washing plant

0 Introduction

With the development of national energy structural adjustment in recent years, the energy field has put forward higher requirements for the overall operation level and technical standards of coal washing plants. The daily transportation of coal washing plant is mainly completed by belt conveyor, so once the failure of conveyor, it is easy to lead to production stagnation, seriously affect the production efficiency. Due to the constraints of the actual production links, the belt conveyor has problems such as large changes in the use load and risks in the working environment, so it is easy to affect the safety and stability of the system. Through scientific adjustment and technical transformation, the frequency of accident can be effectively reduced, so as to ensure the operation effect of belt conveyor.

1 Fault handling of belt conveyor deviation in coal washing plant

Belt conveyor fault processing is the most common type of fault conveyor deviation fault, the occurrence of the fault is related to the specific position in the process of operation. If the deviation occurs in the bearing section, the deviation in this part is mainly caused by the deviation of the perpendicularity of the center line. In the process of actual operation, the belt running forward to a certain stage, at this point to run must be the front end of the traction, the traction force is decomposed into a makes mixed spinning force and lateral force component, a variety of interaction force, would trigger a supporting roll axial channeling, at this time due to the roll itself has been fixed, so can’t move, the belt will appear opposite forces, And finally make the belt side shift, which is the main reason for the deviation.

In view of this fault, the technical transformation can be carried out to analyze the force of the supporting area, and then can be adjusted according to the specific reason of the belt running deviation. In fact, the main reasons for the failure have been analyzed before, so the implementation of technical transformation is mainly aimed at the above reasons, which can be divided into two technical schemes.

The first is to use the treatment method of mounting holes on both sides of the roller group, increase the space appropriately, and adjust it according to specific adjustment requirements. At this time, the belt deviation direction can be changed in time, the belt deviation side of the roller group can move toward a different angle, the other side can move backward.

In addition to the above problems, the head and tail redirection is also an important reason for the belt conveyor belt deviation, the length direction of the center line of the conveyor is not vertical enough, and then the belt deviation. In the use of the process, the roller offset, such as the operator did not find in time, there is a difference in the tightness of the belt, no adjustment, there will be a belt to the loose side of the gradually offset problem. In the specific adjustment process, the rolling position of the head needs to be adjusted to ensure that the direction of adjustment is consistent with the deviation position of the roller, so as to minimize the maintenance cost in the later period and improve the stability of the operation.

2 Coal washing plant belt conveyor skid fault treatment

Belt conveyor use process also often appear some skids, this type of failure is basically related to the efficiency of the internal drive device.

From the point of basic technical principle, the realization of the function of the belt conveyor comes from the powerful surface friction, and the belt after long-term use, if not timely conveyor belt repair and maintenance, easy operation is not in place problems, leading to excessive, belt extends to appear serious slippage problem, even will affect the efficiency of transportation. In some serious conditions, the excessive extension of the belt can not be recovered, and eventually the equipment needs to be replaced, causing unnecessary losses to the enterprise. In view of the belt conveyor belt skid problem to deal with, it is necessary to combine the specific operation time for standardized control, including equipment transport object quality control and equipment daily maintenance management. If the length of the belt is high, it can be dealt with through the appropriate belt cutting mode, and the corresponding fault elimination effect can be achieved through the anchor buckle processing at the interface, while not adversely affecting the actual use of the whole equipment. In addition, technical personnel can be combined with the specific operation process to stretch processing, for the number of hammer control can maximize the effect of operation.

3. How to handle belt conveyor belt breakage

For belt conveyor belt of fracture,it need to be in the process of using belt conveyor analysis, avoid belt broken reason is various, mainly for the high tensile and belt a longer service life and so on, these are the important reason for the fracture belt, at the same time also can therefore lead to slow the progress of the work, is not conducive to technological improvements and efficiency gains. In the use of belt transportation, the transfer point more will also appear the standard stability of goods, resulting in the belt spread.

In view of the belt fracture problem, it can be replaced by means of timely inspection of the belt. If the belt is limited and the tension pressure does not adapt, the device needs to be properly adjusted to ensure that the tension pressure can be adjusted to the appropriate range, and the stability is further improved. In addition, some damage after belt breakage end after processing, can be to connect the related metal card, also can be fixed by the belt running deviation device, so as to prevent rupture of the effect, as long as can discover in time, change in time, you can completely avoid the occurrence of the above problem.

4 Coal washing plant belt conveyor deceleration equipment trouble shooting

The main reasons for the occurrence of belt conveyor deceleration equipment are two aspects, one is the problem of oil leakage, the other is the problem of bearing holding.

Being the oil leakage problem, the basic is appeared in the process of the operation of the equipment can be determined reducer internal oil temperature is too high, processing does not reach the designated position, for a long period of time running state to difference reducer internal pressure difference, eventually appear in rift area derivative relationship, lead to oil leakage, affect the overall operation efficiency of equipment. The latter is mainly to the operation of the reducer as the core, there is wear and tear of the seal, the gap of the bearing is not flexible, leading to a series of problems. There are two different kinds of solutions to the problems of reducer. Combined with the problem of oil leakage, the final control goal can be achieved by adjusting the internal and external oil pressure of the reducer. For reducer design loopholes, it is necessary to combine the requirements of heat treatment to do a good job of overall performance and quality control of equipment, through effective prevention and treatment to improve their own performance, avoid oil leakage effect. For areas prone to leakage, the problem can be solved by adding anti-leakage treatment technology. Once the problem is found, it is necessary to disassemble and clean the reducer and check the wear of the ball bearings. If there is no wear problem and the bearing rotates normally, it can be installed and continued to use, otherwise it should be replaced in time.

5 Abnormal noise processing of belt conveyor in coal washing plant

Noise is commonly seen in all kinds of mechanical equipment, abnormal noise is the difference between the conventional noise operation fault, the fault is mainly associated with coupling axis location, transport of stick there are serious eccentricity will cause the noise increased, at this time, need to check the renovation and system processing, avoid fault further development. At present, the practical skills to solve the noise problem of belt conveyor can be summarized in the following three aspects:

First, after the drum has abnormal noise, the most direct way to deal with it is to remove it and check it directly. If there is damage, it needs to be replaced. If there is maintenance value, it can also be repaired and continue to use.

Second, the vibration frequency of the coupling can be adjusted according to the actual requirements. If it is abnormal noise change, it will have a shadow on its own loss, so the best way is to control and adjust the noise.

Thirdly, there is a certain difference in the thickness of the supporting tube wall, which will lead to the instability of the internal operation of the system, so abnormal noise will also appear. After the check, if the system is in a controllable state, you can adjust it; otherwise, you can replace it.

6 Conclusion

To sum up, belt machine deviation, material and abnormal noise and other problems are the most common types of failure, the occurrence of these failures and daily maintenance, maintenance is not in place and the operation of uneven personnel related to technology. In addition, may also exist in the process of using belt conveyor’s own factors of coal washery need to do a good job in process control of belt conveyor, continue to strengthen the daily maintenance work, completes the failure rate of control, to ensure the stability of the conveyor to work effectively, handle the relationship between the load and tape move at the same time, reduce the loss of the whole, to ensure the stability of the structure, Thus further improve the fault situation, improve the operation effect.

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