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How to Choose The Right Long-reach Excavator?

A long-reach excavator is equipped with a long boom and extended arm to perform hard-to-reach tasks such as trenching deep and digging underwater. They are also compatible with several special attachments that further enhance their on-site versatility and enable them to undertake tasks like shearing, crushing, and cutting. Choosing a long-reach excavator with suitable criteria is crucial to maximising its output on site. 

Here are 6 selection criteria to keep in mind while choosing the perfect long-reach excavator for a project: 

1. Level productivity expected from the excavator 

Operating efficiency is an essential factor when choosing a long-reach excavator. The excavator’s power output depends on the engine and hydraulics. Smoothly running machines that offer good fuel efficiency, stability and are reliable offer the most operating efficiency. Maintaining the highest operational efficiency requires maximizing excavator productivity. One should also consider the available attachments to maximize the excavator’s impact on the project. 

2.Lifting capacity required   

The primary function of an excavator is digging, but it is also used for lifting, craning, and handling material. The lifting capacity of a long-reach excavator is the measure of its stability. One crucial detail to consider in a long-reach excavator is the variable lifting capacity as the distance gets farther from the excavator. 

3. Applications of the excavator  

Operating a long-reach excavator on a compact project site is challenging due to its long reach. One should carefully consider the excavator’s on-site application before deciding to purchase or rent the excavator. A long-reach excavator can effectively perform tasks on difficult terrain beyond a regular excavator’s reach. Examples of the tasks that require a long-reach excavator are well-digging, canal cleaning, trenching, demolition, etc.  

4. Attachments needed for special application

Long-reach excavators are primarily used to provide a more extended reach and depth to contractors for projects on rugged terrain. While several excavators do not require special attachments, site preparation may require additional attachments to load debris on transport trucks or to relocate pipes on site. If a project requires special attachments, hydraulic excavators are a suitable option as they allow the handling of optional attachments. 

5. Manufacturer   

Several manufacturers are offering long-reach excavators in the market. Long-reach excavator manufacturers now provide similar features at approximately identical prices. Manufacturer selection is crucial because maintenance, warranty, and support rely on the manufacturer. Also, purchasing an excavator from a reputable manufacturer is necessary for peace of mind. 


Long-reach excavators are an effective tool for performing specialized heavy-duty operations. Selecting a suitable long-reach excavator boosts the operational efficiency of a project site. Hyundai Construction Equipment is one of India’s most reputable manufacturers of all kinds of excavators. They have a wide distribution network, making purchasing genuine spare parts, special attachments, and maintenance convenient regardless of the project location. Their excavators are fuel-efficient and deliver high output, helping keep operational costs in check. 

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