How to choose a vendor to outsource your PCB prototype assembly

How To Choose A Vendor To Outsource Your PCB Prototype Assembly

If you are designing a product and need to create a printed circuit board (PCB) prototype, you can either manufacture the prototype yourself or outsource it to a vendor that specializes in PCB prototype assembly. However, you will need an in-house PCB manufacturing and assembly facility to build your own PCB prototype. This is not cost effective if it is only needed for PCB prototypes, which are very small production processes. It makes business sense to have a subcontract with a vendor that specializes in manufacturing Prototype PCB. The main guidelines for choosing a vendor to outsource your prototype PCB manufacturing work are:

Convenience of online quote

Vendors who own an online quote system can save time. The online quote system should be easy to use. The system must be able to enter important details of the PCB design requirements, such as thickness, material type, and manufacturing specifications. The ultimate goal of an online quote system is cost control. I don’t want to know about the extra charges once the prototype PCB is in production.

Lower costs

It is generally cheaper to produce large quantities of PCBs than small quantities. Still, the circuit design is still sophisticated, so prototype PCBs are usually produced in small quantities. Vendors specializing in PCB assemblies can minimize the cost of assembling setup and distribution of production costs by distributing production jobs across multiple clients in order to maintain total manufacturing costs. So I know how to keep costs low. Small running PCBs are very low.

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Delivery time

When choosing a vendor to outsource your PCB assembly to ensure that you understand the factors that affect lead time. Vendors require longer lead times because PCB designs consist of uncommon materials or dimensions (that is, thickness), as fewer other customers have the same requirements. Therefore, it takes time for the vendor to schedule your schedule. Production execution. The online quote system will change the quote price according to your desired lead time.

File format and design service

The file format used for electronic circuit design is relevant when choosing a PCB assembly vendor. Most vendors use the Gerber format, so if you want to use other file formats, make sure your vendor can work with these other types of formats. Therefore, PCB assembly companies that provide design services in addition to contract manufacturing services are ideal because they have the technical capabilities and in-house expertise to address potential problems in the pre-assembly process. Choice.

Package type

Take a closer look at the range of package types that PCB assembly manufacturers can accept for production. Quality vendors post this important information on their website. Not all companies can accept special ball grid arrays (BGA) or chip scale packages. You can work around the problem before production starts by contacting the PCB manufacturer’s technical support team to verify their ability to assemble a prototype PCB.

These are the six main factors that printed circuit board designers need to consider when outsourcing their designs to PCB assembly vendors to manufacture prototype PCBs.

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