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How to choose a reliable online betting India bookie?

Check licensing before playing online betting India

Legitimate betting sites are usually licensed and regulated by an authority. This ensures users are not scammed, the games are moderated, transparent and fair play. They must be licensed by at least one regulatory body like the UK Gambling Commission (9 UKCG) and Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). This information is usually located in the footer or about section. If you can’t find it, you can ask their customer service to provide it.

Payment and withdrawal

You need to ask those important questions about payment and withdrawal:

  • What are acceptable payment and withdrawal methods? 
  • How long does it take for a transaction update?
  • Do the online betting India bookies charge fees?
  • Are their options reliable?

When it comes to online gambling in India, deposits and withdrawals are all made online. You should check carefully before choosing an online sportsbook. Top betting sites and apps accept popular methods like credit/debit cards, e-wallets, and payment vouchers. Some even accept crypto like BTC or ETH.

Live online betting India options

Live betting is so great that almost every big bookies have this option. You bet with dealers who are real people and must be quick and sharp to jump on value when you see the odds value. Live casino is not recommended for newbies. Playing a live casino game is almost like playing the stock market. The odds will change continuously based on the actual betting situation of other bettors.


Of course, if you aren’t interested in live betting, you don’t have to take this seriously when picking out a sportsbook online.

online betting
Live online betting India options

Bonuses, VIP programs, and rewards

If you want to choose the best online betting India sites, you also need to consider the bonuses and promotions offered. New members can claim a free sign up bonus no deposit  with great value at many betting sites. Moreover, there are plenty of bonuses such as matched bonuses, free bets and cashback bonuses… for general members. 

However, make sure these bonuses are attainable. Some bookies set extremely strict terms that almost no one gains a penny. Ex, if you have to bet $100 million to get a $10 free bet, that is not attainable. Bookies need to have limitations and rules for each promotion but they should not be so complicated that no one can understand nor participate.

Customer support

Many players often neglect this factor when choosing an online betting site. If you run into problems, you will need the help of this customer service department. So always go for a gambling operator with good customer support service. Top sites usually offer assistance to players through channels like live chat on websites, Telegram, email and telephone. 

Hope those crucial factors will help you choose good online betting India sites or apps.  If you research carefully, you will enjoy an outstanding betting experience.

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