How to Change your Name on Tinder Profile

How to Change your Name on Tinder Profile {With or Without Facebook}

So this is where the right swipe and left swipe has brought you!

We know how annoying Tinder gets when you want to change some information and we are here to help you. Keep reading to see how to Change your Name on Tinder Profile {with or Without Facebook}.

On Tinder, you may alter your name and age. Users may make full changes to their Tinder personal information without impacting their Facebook information. 

You may even solve the Tinder issue of personal information not updating quickly without losing any purchases. 

How to Change your Name on Tinder Profile {With or Without Facebook}

How to Change Your Tinder Name

Tinder is a dating app that uses Facebook to gather your personal information. It’s linked to Facebook and synchronizes all of your personal information, such as your Tinder name, age, and so on. Tinder claims that it is the easiest option to check your personal information since no one uploads incorrect information to Facebook.

How to Use Facebook to Change Your Tinder Name

Now the issue is: how can you alter your Tinder name? Is there a Tinder option for this? So, here we’ll show you how to alter your Tinder name with Facebook or without Facebook in two methods. First, we’ll use a Facebook account to alter your Tinder name.

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First, we’ll use a Facebook account to alter your Tinder name. You’ll need to update your Facebook personal information to change your name on Tinder. This means we’ll have to alter your Facebook name. So let’s get started.

  • Open your Facebook app, or if you don’t have one, open it on your browser or Chrome.
  • By clicking on the three doubts, you’ll be taken to the settings page.
  • Now go to Account Setting > Settings & Privacy > Account Setting.
  • Now choose the first option for personal data.
  • Change your name by editing it.

When you change your name or modify your existing one. Tinder updates may take anywhere from 24 hours to a few days.

Without using Facebook, how can you alter your Tinder name?

If you’d like to alter your Tinder profile without ever using Facebook, this is the way to go. There isn’t a way then. However, there is a way to alter your Tinder name. You may create a new Facebook profile and link it to your new Tinder account. This is the only method to alter your Tinder name without having to use Facebook.

We think it’s a waste of time to seek out how to alter Tinder’s name without using Facebook on the web. There is no official method, and if someone claims to have applications or software, they are lying. So believe us when we say it’s all a ruse and a fraud. The only option is to set up a new Facebook account.

How to Change Your Tinder Age

This technique is likewise comparable to changing your Tinder name. To alter their age, users must go to their Facebook page. This technique, on the other hand, allows you to alter your age without impacting your Facebook page. 

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On Facebook, you can alter your age to private. As a result, no one can tell how old you are, and you may make the necessary adjustments.

Open a new tab in any browser or Chrome.

You may use a smartphone app or go to Chrome and choose desktop mode if you’re on a mobile device.

  • Go to your Facebook account and log in.
  • Go to your profile.
  • Select the About tab.
  • On the basic information page, click on contact.
  • Select the birth year option and then click Edit.
  • You can change and update your age.
  • Save your changes by clicking the button.
  • After you’ve updated your age, log out.

What to Do If Tinder Won’t Change Your Name or Age

Tinder does not always update your personal information after 24 hours or longer. In this scenario, users must deactivate and reinstall their Tinder accounts. 

If you remove the application without first backing up your data, you will lose everything. So, first, deactivate your Tinder account, then go to the app store and download it.

If you’re a subscriber to Tinder Plus or another service- Then go to Tinder > Profile > Settings > Restore Purchases to get all of your purchases back

Bottom line

Without Facebook, you can’t update or alter your age or name on Tinder. If you don’t have a Facebook account, your only option is to completely deactivate your Tinder account. This is, for the time being, the only method to alter your Tinder name. Tinder may come with internal options to alter the name or age in the coming years.

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That’s all! Thank you so much for reading!

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