How to Catch Comfey in Pokemon Go, and Is Shiny Comfey Available?

Comfey was initially introduced in Generation VII as a Fairy-type Pokemon. This Pokemon does not evolve from or into any other Pokemon, which is unusual. This Pokemon debuted alongside other Sun & Moon Alola region Pokemon like Litten and Popplio in the game. Though most of these Pokemon may be discovered in Raid Battles or in the wild, Comfey is a bit more difficult to acquire in Pokemon Go. The answers to players’ questions about where to find Comfey in Pokemon Go may be found here.

What Is The Best Way To Catch Comfey In Pokemon Go?

It’s reasonable that people are having difficulty finding Comfey in Pokemon Go. It is now a regionally exclusive Pokemon that can only be found in one area worldwide. For the time being, players in Hawaii are the only ones who can catch this Pokemon in the wild. For the time being, those living outside of Hawaii may only obtain this Pokemon through trade. So, unless you’re planning a trip to Hawaii, Comfey may have to wait.

It’s common for Pokemon Go to provide regionally exclusive Pokemon as rewards for limited-time Raid Bosses. It might potentially be made available as a result of in-game occurrences. For the time being, Hawaii is the only place where you may capture a Comfey in Pokemon Go. A handful of new Alola region Pokemon have been added to the game as part of the Welcome to Alola event. While players outside of Hawaii are unable to catch Comfey, there are still many activities available to them during the Season of Alola. In the meantime, they catch additional Pokemon from the Alola region, such as Pikipek.

Is there a Shiny Comfey in Pokemon Go?

In Pokemon Go, Shiny Comfey is currently unavailable. Players will have to wait for the Shiny version to be released. This, however, may not be for a while. Niantic has yet to indicate whether or not the Shiny variation will be released.

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