How to Boost Your Website Domain Authority in the fastest way

How to Boost Your Website Domain Authority in the fastest way

Domain Authority is the ranking score created by Moz to indicate the ranking of the website on SERPs. Its score ranges from 1 to 100; the higher score defines the ranking potential.  SEO experts must understand that of the other 200 ranking factors, DA is the essential one; hence boosting it is fundamental.  Several actionable tactics are used by a digital marketing company in Singapore for higher domain authority. As per the preferences and the targeted users, they implement the strategies for better ranking. But, in basic, some steps can be followed to grow DA fast. We are with those!  

Different methods to Increase Domain Authority

Improve Your Off-Page SEO

Of all, the link profile is the essential one. The site with a clean and strong profile has a stronger DA than others. The method with which the link profiles are improved is known as Off-page SEO. Generally, it is linked to the strategies that are used to gain better links to a higher ranking.  And to do so:

You need to eliminate the bad links

First and foremost, remove all the bad links from the profile. To find out those links, you can use tools such as Semrush and Moz Explorer. Consider “nofollow tag” to get rid of the link. In case, it will not function, the “Google disavow tool” can be used for eliminating them from the profile. 

The link profile has to be stronger

Get quality links from the related sites. Certainly, it is a tricky but challenging tactic of SEO.  Considerably, it is the comprehensive approach and the novices find it complicated to execute. However, two primary steps can be followed to earn the links:

  • Natural Link building

It is the theory that defines a user finding your site, examining the article, liking and linking it to any of their articles. And all that demands content with link-worthiness. That is to say, the content which is readable, and useful with great insights hold the capacity to be used in the articles as references. 

Blogger outreach

Additionally, to attain good links, you can reach out to webmasters also and ensure your existence.  This way also, there are higher chances of the site linking to the article.  

Create Engaging Content

Creating outstanding content is important to gain links and boost domain authority. Considerably, when the write-up is valuable then, the chances of its sharing are higher. In a similar vein, you can gain backlinks from sites with high authority. Including the links from various websites, there will be an improvement in the root domains also. Each of these contributes to boosting the domain authority.

We advise generating different types of content like videos, higher word count guides, articles, slides, podcasts, infographics, etc. To begin, check out the pages that are highly popular. Accordingly, you can have an idea of the content to be created. 

Prioritize On-Page SEO Optimization

You cannot overlook on-page SEO optimization, it is about content and web page optimization. Below is how the on-page SEO can be improved:

  • Optimization of titles and description
  • SEO-optimized and URL-structured permalinks
  • Using the headings properly in the content
  • SEO optimization of videos, audio, and related elements
  • Include internal linking in the content
  • The right use of keywords in the content
  • Content formatting to get ranked in Google’s featured snippets

Consider content quality as the prime factor in ranking for off-page and on-page SEO. Google has already clarified in the SEO handbook for the content to be updated and fresh. 

Enhance Technical SEO

If your site’s technical SEO is done right, then, it gives a positive influence on Domain authority. Contrarily, the consequences are harmful. Getting help from the top SEO company in Singapore gets your technical SEO on point. With the proven technical SEO techniques, you can build domain authority on the website. On the other hand, keep the below checklist in mind when it comes to technical SEO:

  • Firstly, get the site register on the Bing Webmaster tools and Google Search Console.
  • Carry out designing and optimization of XML sitemap
  • Examine the robots.txt settings
  • Consider Fetch to confirm that the leading search engines crawl the site without facing any issue
  • Migrate the site to HTTPs
  • Integrate structured data or schema for search engines to know the content context
  • Describe the breadcrumb menu on every web page
  • Use hreflang properly

Ensure mobile-friendliness

Living in this digital era, we all know the fact that the number of mobile users is higher than that of desktop users. Hence, for any site owner, it is essential to confirm mobile friendliness.  And, believingly, it is one of the factors to boost DA.  So, if your site is not mobile-friendly, and you cannot confirm it, head to Mobile-Friendly Test of Google and start testing for the domain. Here, you will get recommendations on making the site mobile-friendly.  Below are the benefits or the reasons for choosing to make your site responsive:

  • Increase in user-friendliness
  • Dynamic serving is not required that demands separate HTML for 
  • a separate device. 
  • A single URL reduces the requirement of a different URL and confirms easy content sharing.
  • No daunting SEO and redirect issues.

Boost the Page Loading Speed

Page loading speed is the prime factor in the google ranking algorithm. Indeed, if your site is loading quickly, then, there are chances of boosting DA. Not only this, there will be an improvement in the User experience, leading to more sign-ups and sales.  We agree that it is not simple to keep up the page speed. As there are many elements and if you are not hired digital marketing company in Singapore, then the task is complicated. In case you are technical-oriented and cannot afford a hiring agency, then, follow the below points:

  • Approach the hosting provider and ask to show the server performance report.  If required, update to one of the robust servers.
  • Do not use redundant plugins.
  • Leverage caching plugin
  • Leverage the best streaming services
  • Leverage Content Delivery Network for several big images and CSS files

Implement easy website navigation

For any site owner, it is imperative to make the site well-organized and structured.  And for that, site navigation or internal linking structure needs to be easy and simple.  Check out the below points to confirm the easy navigability of your site.

For converting the regular users to permanent buyers, you need to add a link to the product to facilitate buying. In addition, the mega menus are useful to include an extensive amount of content on the website.  Effectively, they group the keywords and subpages; even separate those pages which are related to a similar keyword. 

Leverage image carousels. Because they consume less space, hence, they are helpful when there is much data on the website. Moreover, the images capture the user’s attention.  

Key Consideration

The websites that are new experience less DA; between 10 to 20; however, it takes time.  Also, the DA of range 20 to 30 can be improved more easily than the one in the range of 70 to 80.  We have mentioned different categorizations of domains:

  • Less than 30 is considered inferior
  • Range of 30 to 40 is below-par
  • Range of 40 to 50 is considerable
  • Range of 50 to 60 is fine
  • Range of 60 to 70 is great

Concluding Remarks

DA is a great marketing score for a powerful SEO strategy. However, consider that DA indicates success, but does not ensure it.  But, do not consider this your only intent. We have given the best strategies to boost the domain authority. If you will implement it rightly, definitely there will be a higher ranking in SERPs. 


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