How to become a happy person?

All people want to be happy. When a person is happy, he is confident, focused, healthy, and enjoys life. But happiness is not an accidental discovery, but a whole process that depends on many factors that are formed in human consciousness. After all, only by properly managing their thinking, a person can always be happy. Consider what happiness is, what you need to get rid of to be happy, and how to attract review.  into your life.

How to be happy after all?

Define the parameters of your happiness Remember that being happy is also a goal. And to achieve the goal, it must be seen, known. Determine for yourself what signs you will understand that you are happy, otherwise it may come, and you will not notice. If happiness is for you when you are loved, decide how you will understand that you are loved. The more parameters and characteristics you find, the clearer your goal will be and the easier it will be. Try to play your luck. Remember how we used to play mother-daughter and build the perfect family and the perfect home? Try your luck to taste, color, smell. Choose key roles and scenery – this will determine where your happiness is possible and with whom.

Formulate what gives you pleasure in life In order to feel happy, it is important not only to draw decorations, but also to fill them with things that bring you joy. Make a list of what always makes you happy and gives you pleasure, something without which life would turn into a gray day. These can be weekly gatherings with friends in a cafe, a new book, shopping, etc. As a rule, periodically check your list, and, as it is implemented, delete something, add something. See how much of this list you implement in your life. If not, what bothers you?

Find out how you can realize what brings you joy. Maybe for this we will have to give up some boring and uninteresting things. Live truly Happy can be yesterday or tomorrow, only today. Remember that only now do we have all our strength, energy, attention. During the day, listen to your thoughts – you will understand that you are thinking about what happened yesterday and what will happen tomorrow. It may turn out that you are practically absent today. So become happy right here and now. If you are not happy about anything, it is likely that the future will not be very happy, because it also tends to one day become real.

Rely on what you are ready to do Happiness must be based on a combination of “can” and “want”. It is not enough to want something, you still need to be able and ready to do it, otherwise happiness will turn into a soap bubble, which will burst one day, leaving disappointment instead. Think again about the parameters of your happiness and look at the list you made in paragraph 2 – this is what you want. But what do you want and are willing to do to be happy?

Remember, your list should include only what you can do for yourself. Because “everyone forges his own happiness.” Accept yourself as you are Happiness is based on accepting yourself as a person, on agreeing to be who you are. American psychologists have a saying: “If you are in Chicago, you can not call anywhere but from Chicago.” This means that if you want to be happy, you can only do so from the state you are in now. Happiness is not built on who you will ever become, but on who you already are.

Write down your strengths, study them, and remember that your virtues are what you can rely on in life. Also write down your shortcomings on a piece of paper and do the following: rework each flaw into dignity. Remember, “I’m not a brake, I’m a slow throttle”? Or “I’m not bored, I just pay a lot of attention to detail.” Or “yes, I am, and this is my way of acting”? Build your employment.

 Life is all the more interesting the more activities we are involved in. We often dream of rest, of the opportunity not to work. However, according to psychological research, the less we are busy with something, the more likely we are to be obsessed with one activity or agree to a less desirable activity. That is why there are more disadvantaged women among housewives than among women who work a lot.

In the beginning, we said that being happy is not only difficult but also simple. To be happy, you only need an inner desire and intention to be happy. It is not circumstances that make a person happy, but the inner willingness to be happy and the ability to be satisfied with what he has. Probably everyone is familiar with the state when everything seems to be for happiness, but happiness itself is not. After all, happiness is not when there are no problems. When you are happy, there can be troubles and failures in life.

However, a happy person understands that troubles and failures can be, and accepts them not as obstacles, but as springboards – to better push off.

Find happiness in the little things

In fact, life is beautiful.

Stop. Look around. Happiness is never far from us, it is in simple things. Blue sky, sunlight, children’s eyes. Happiness is even in breathing (remember how unpleasant it is to breathe when you have a runny nose). Being happy is very simple.

What prevents you from being happy?

Unfortunately, there are many factors that are deeply ingrained in a person’s mind and prevent him from becoming happy, including:

Fear, which confirms the words of the ancient Roman philosopher Seneca “Where there is fear, there is no happiness.” Fear has the ability to control life. It hinders not only dangerous but also successful things. In today’s world, there is a fear of happiness, or sherophobia, a state in which people consciously avoid actions that evoke positive emotions. Psychologists believe that one of the causes of sherophobia – is the belief that happiness is fleeting and leads to negative events. If you overcome your fears, you will be able to start living a happy life.

Negative thoughts. Man controls his own thoughts. If negative thoughts prevail over positive ones, he will not be able to be happy. The statement in the head “I will never be successful” will lead to uncertainty, low self-esteem. If a negative opinion appears, it is necessary to replace it with a positive one: from “It is impossible” to “I will try” and so on.

Past mistakes. Everyone has a past. It can be filled with good experiences or mistakes that ruin the present and the future. People often continue to live with despair or bitterness from mistakes because they cannot let go of the baggage of the past. Only by letting go of the past, you can make life easier, enjoy this moment and allow yourself to be happy. Looking back, you’ll be glad you did.

Other people’s dreams. Many people live the dreams of others – parents, friends, acquaintances. They are so busy trying to make other people’s dreams come true that they don’t live their own lives. They don’t know what they want, what they need. Life is one and you have to live on your own terms. Stop living other people’s dreams and find something that will make you happy.

Waiting for the approval of others. All people want to be loved, but some are constantly trying to please others to live up to their expectations. You will never be liked by everyone, because everyone has different ideals. Instead, focus on what makes you happy.

Comparing yourself to others. People often compare themselves to others, which is their fatal mistake. There will always be someone smarter and more successful than you. But you have your merits. Instead of following someone else’s life, it is better to focus on yourself and develop your strengths. Give up the desire to impress others and you will be much happier.


 Busy mode consumes most of your life and takes a lot of time. Do not spare a couple of minutes to answer these questions and look at your life from the side.

Maybe this will be an important step towards feeling happier.

  • Is it difficult for you to focus on what is happening at the moment?
  • Do you have a habit of walking fast to get to the right place without noticing anything along the way?
  • Do you think that you live on autopilot, not paying attention to what you do?
  • Do you tend to perform your tasks in a hurry, without paying much attention to them?
  • Do you become so obsessed with a goal that you are not aware of what you are doing to achieve it?
  • Have you ever noticed that you are too obsessed with the future and the past?

If the answer is “yes” to almost all questions, then it’s time to think and slow down a bit.

How to become happy after all?

You’ve probably guessed that there is only one person in the world who will give you the exact answer to how to live to be happy. And you see this person in the mirror every day. Marry all the other gurus who tell you something from the height of their experience. What suits them may be useless or even harmful to you.

 The problem for each of us is the same: from time to time we make mistakes, we get the wrong internal answer. And we are wrong because by nature the ideal mechanism of the psyche is damaged by trauma, misconceptions and bad experiences. And we do not understand ourselves or other people.

These problems are solved comprehensively:

Discover all 8 vectors of the psyche and determine for yourself which desires are really yours and which are alien and superficial. Discover all the traumas that have stopped the development of your properties. Awareness of these causal relationships leads to the fact that the usual negative scenario ceases to control your life.

Gain knowledge about the structure of the human psyche – and you will be able to interact perfectly with each person for mutual pleasure.

Then instead of futile attempts and throws in each case, you will get an unmistakable inner answer, how to be happy and enjoy life.

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