How to balance your child’s screen time with Online Classes?

Online classes have been an indispensable part of education at the global level. The online education sector has seen a major boom, especially during the pandemic period. In fact, studying online, either solely or as an after class has become a new normal for students. Earlier educational courses were available for graduation, post-graduation, and specialization courses. But now, the young kids have become smart enough to run the technical applications on their laptops and tablets to study. They spend all day attending classes on the screen. But that is exactly the problem that kids spend the entire day sitting and working on screen.

The virtual education system involves too much online computer time, which is so crucial at times that it becomes difficult to restrict the timings of children’s screen time. This doesn’t mean at all that the surfing net for educational purposes is a bad thing. In fact, there are some of the best websites that provide the best content to the students, which they can access anytime to polish their math skill. Still, there should be balanced off and on-screen timing for kids.     

Make a Time-Table

A parental control app should help their kids prepare a timetable. This timetable should be different from the one provided by the educational platform, the student is studying on. In this timetable, the parents can divide the extra time of students into regular slots that will help them to reduce the onscreen timing. This will provide a break to the students from studies and help them refresh their minds. However, the QuestMath website and other experienced and sophisticated websites provide the students with a curriculum that isn’t hectic, nor detrimental to the health of children.   

Include Offline Math Learning Ideas

Parents obviously cannot ask the students to leave the class and perform other tasks. But during the breaks, or in any free class, they should encourage their kids to put down the tablet or laptop and learn the topic taught from the books and notes prepared by them in offline mode in their notebooks. By doing this also they can reduce the screen time of the children with online classes.

Mini Educational Break

This could be a strategic one. The online website helps the kids to understand math better with effective teaching skills. But this study will be fruitful only if the students will revise it. Taking a break between two consecutive classes and revising the topic learned recently helps to manage the screen time of children with online classes and also allows them to recall what they have studied. This will have two benefits; children will get a break from the computer screen and will remember what they have read more firmly.

Learning While Playing

Once the children are done with the online classes, take them with you outside and play some outdoor games with them. Now the trick comes in, as even the outdoor games can be educational. Suppose you are playing cricket, so now you can ask your kids to keep a record of the scores like singles, fours, and sixes and keep them calculating in mind till the end of the match. This way you can play with them, teach them math, and also reduce their online screen time.

Online education is definitely important in the contemporary world where a healthy race of getting ahead of the fellows and competitors is at its fullest speed. But children should take care of their eyes and mental health. Parents can help kids manage their screen time with online classes by following the above-mentioned tips.

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