How to Bail Someone Out of Jail: A Step by Step Guide

If your loved one or friend was arrested, you might be wondering how to bail someone out of jail as soon as possible. Without bail, your loved one will have to stay in custody until they are scheduled to appear in court. 

However, if you are not familiar with the bail bond process, you might be wondering what to do to have them released. Fortunately, bailing someone out of jail doesn’t have to be a complicated task. 

If you are wondering how to bail your friend or family member out of jail, here are the steps you need to follow. 

Talk to Your Loved One

The first step for how to get someone out of jail is an alert of their arrest. This typically happens when your friend or family member calls you from jail. Make sure to find out where they are and which agency made the arrest during the phone call. 

Wait for the Arraignment 

If your loved one was arrested, you need to wait for the arraignment before you can bail them out. During the arraignment, the judge will determine if bail is necessary and if so, the bail amount. 

Understand What You Need to Pay 

After bail is set, you need to find out what the bail amount is. Depending on a few factors, the bail amount can be a few thousand to several thousand dollars. If you do not have the cash or collateral to pay the bail to the state, consider working with a bail bondsman. 

Contact a Bail Bond Agency 

If you cannot pay the bond, a bail bond agency can help. Make sure to look for a well-established agency, has excellent ratings and reviews, and can work with you immediately. If you are looking for a reputable bail bond agency, visit

Complete the Paperwork and Payment

Once you have selected a bail bond company, you need to work with them to get the bail paid. If you are wondering how to pay bail, the bail bond agency will pay 10% of the bond to the court for your loved one’s release. You need to complete the paperwork and make a payment or put up collateral. 

Ensure Your Loved One Appears in Court 

After your loved one is released, you need to ensure they attend their court appearance. If your loved one appears in court the bond will be dissolved. If not, the bail bond agency is responsible for the full amount, and as the contract holder, you will be responsible to pay. 

This Is How to Bail Someone Out

By following these steps for how to bail someone out, you can ensure your loved one is home as soon as possible. 

After learning of your loved one’s arrest, you need to wait for the arraignment and find out what you need to pay. If you cannot pay the full bail amount, contact a bond agency, complete the paperwork and payment, and ensure your loved one appears in court.

Follow these steps to successfully bail your loved one out of jail.

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