How to Attract More Business During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is around the corner, and for some a successful period could be the difference between financial security and financial difficulties. But how do you attract more businesses during the holiday season? Here are some top tips!

Be Aware of COVID 

It’s hard not to be aware of COVID since it has affected our lives for so long, but there’s such a thing as COVID-conscious during these difficult times. Even though many people are now vaccinated, this doesn’t mean they want to be shopping among hundreds of others in shopping centers. 

Therefore, accommodate those who are still nervous about COVID. Offer delivery, curbside collection, and similar services. Elsewhere, your COVID awareness should also extend to marketing materials. Adjust your special offers accordingly and tell the world how you keep them safe this holiday season. Even explaining how you keep employees safe could encourage your target market to choose you this year. 

Choose Social Media Channels Carefully 

Facebook and Instagram are the two biggest social media channels, so this is where you should focus your attention this year, right? Wrong. Don’t just follow the crowd; think about your target market and where you can find them. For example, you might enjoy a better ROI on Reddit, Snapchat, Quora, Pinterest, TikTok, or another platform. Either way, don’t just assume that the most popular channels are the best for your strategy. 

Extend the Holiday Season 

If you only update your website for the holidays at the beginning of December, you’re potentially missing a huge section of your audience. Some people start their Christmas shopping in July. While we aren’t saying that you should have a festive website in summer, you can start introducing festive pages earlier in the year. Accommodate those who buy for the holiday season in November and even October. 

Lay the Foundation 

If you expect a busy holiday season, the worst thing you can do is treat it like the rest of the year. As a physical store, make sure you have more staff ready to help customers with their questions and requests. As an e-commerce platform, make sure you have the resources to offer speedy delivery (regardless of how busy you get). If you treat it like the rest of the year, you won’t be able to keep up with demand and The best way business will get a reputation for poor service during the busiest times. 

Offer Time-Limited Promotions 

Create a sense of urgency and offer time-limited promotions. People will experience FOMO (fear of missing out) and click to learn more. As well as season-long sales, why not try Amazon-like ‘Lightning’ deals? For example, a special discount for all those who order in the next few hours. With countdown timers and pop-ups, you generate excitement and encourage people to take advantage of the sales. We understand that funnels, timers, and pop-ups can be a bit overwhelming to those without experience in the online world of marketing. No need to fret though, you can simply inquire about digital marketing services from King Kong, and they will get you on the path to success in no time!

Create High-Quality Content

Finally, content generation isn’t something that brings a return immediately, but it will pay dividends when the holiday season comes around. For instance, write a guide on holiday gifts. If you sell food, your guides could center around Christmas dinner and the best way to keep the whole family happy. If you sell decorations, your guides will explain how to dress Christmas trees and ideal gifts for family members (decorations, of course!).

Write genuinely useful content and steer people in the direction of your products. Also, pay attention to the other tips in this guide and you’ll attract more business during the holiday season. You should also post on social media, run social media ads, and create content to resonate with your audience!

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