How to Apply and Manage Credit Card?

Online applications are the simplest way to get an Amazon credit card. As an alternative, you can apply for such a card at the Chase location closest to you (the card’s issuer). The Credit Card cannot be applied for over the phone.

Unless you use your Amazon Credit Card to make purchases, there is no inactivity fee, interest charges, or any other expenses to worry about.

Even then, no interest will build up if you settle your account in full by the due date and don’t carry any amount from one month to the next.

Necessary conditions to qualify for just an Amazon credit card: 

You need a credit score of at least 700 to be eligible for the Amazon Credit Card. To acquire this card, you must have at least excellent credit.

At least 18 years of age is required.

In the end, you can apply for the Credit Card online if you’re interested. This card, which is supplied by a different bank, can only be used to make transactions on Amazon.

The Synchrony Bank-issued Amazon Secured Card and Amazon Prime Secured Card are distinctive credit cards with two distinct sets of benefits—the Secured Card features and the Store Card features. The rates, fees, and rewards for the two credit cards vary in some ways. Only the Secured Card functions will be accessible to you after approval. The security deposit for such Secured Card features is necessary and is the same amount as the credit limit on your account. Based on eligibility requirements and your credit profile, Synchrony Bank will decide after a year if you are qualified to opt in to switch to the Store Card capabilities of the account.If you are qualified, you have the option to convert to the Store Card features, but you are not required to do so. If you do, your access to the Secured Card features will be indefinitely disabled. You always have a choice, and you will receive all the crucial information need to make the option that is best for you. Similar to the Amazon Store Card & Amazon Prime Store Card, the Amazon Secured Card & Amazon Prime Secured Card can be used on Amazon and with certain Amazon affiliates.

As a holder of an Amazon Secured Card, you will benefit from equal monthly payment offers and daily cash back of 2% (or 5% if you were authorised for an Amazon Secured Card before January 1, 2021) with an eligible Prime subscription. In addition to these advantages, if your application for the Amazon Secured Card was first accepted before January 1, 2021, you may also be eligible for exclusive financing deals. The Amazon Secured Card also provides the option to upgrade to Store Card capabilities.

For a credit card from Amazon, what credit score is required?

Customers searching for additional opportunities to save might think about applying for the Amazon Prime Plus Visa Signature Card given that Amazon will be running a second Prime Day event this year on October 11 and 12.

However, new cardholders can benefit from a generous welcome bonus that will at least help offset part of that expenditure for your first year: a $100 gift card upon permission. This no-annual-fee credit card is only available to customers who already have an Amazon Prime membership, which costs $139 annually or $14.99 per month, with reduced prices for students and those receiving government assistance.

Additionally, cardholders receive 5% rewards back on all items purchased at Whole Foods Market and Amazon, 2% rewards back at restaurants, petrol stations, and pharmacies, and 1% rewards back on all other purchases. Additionally, you won’t be concerned about paying international transaction fees while using the card abroad and you’ll be able to get 10% more than back on limited-time deals based on changing spending categories and products. It is the greatest credit card to use while purchasing on Amazon because of these reward rates.

The Amazon Prime Points Visa Signature Card and another credit card from the well-known online store that may enable you to earn rewards for all of your purchases are covered in the sections below by Select.

Another credit card from Amazon to take into consideration

If you don’t shop online frequently enough to justify an Amazon Prime subscription, you might want to consider applying for the Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card instead. This is especially true considering that new cardholders can get a $50 gift card upon approval as a welcome bonus.

Although the rewards rate on this no-annual-fee credit card is smaller than the Prime Rewards card, you will still receive 3% back when making purchases at Whole Foods Market and, 2% back when making purchases at restaurants, gas stations, and pharmacies, and 1% back on all other transactions.

You must have a credit rating of at least 670 to be approved for this card, while a higher score won’t necessarily hinder your chances.

How can my Amazon Credit Card be managed?

By login into your online account or by using the mobile app, users can manage your Amazon Credit Card. Because the Amazon Store Card is given by a separate bank, you must either go to its own login page or use the mobile app of the issuer to handle this card.

You can view your card’s amount and past statements, as well as control your rewards, by checking in to the web or via the mobile app. Additionally, you can set up one-time, routine, or regular payments.

How to get assistance with managing your Amazon Credit Card account: After logging into your account, call customer service at (888) 247-4080 with any questions you may have. In addition to responding to your inquiries, customer service can handle payments for you, provide information about prior transactions, and more.

Remember that you won’t be able to handle returns, modify shipping details, or manage your Amazon shopping via your credit card. You have to carry out those actions via your account.


In addition to serving as a payment method and a flexible credit instrument, credit cards provide consumers convenience. The majority of customers are likely to pay a low net cost to obtain this convenience, thus that is what we can anticipate. However, the disparate cost and benefit distribution among cardholders implies that there is significant variance in the credit card market, with some customers incurring relatively high net costs and others enjoying sizable net financial gains.

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