How many questions are on the CCNP exam?

How many questions are on the CCNP exam?

Qualifying the Rout CCNP exam means to get the certification in the expertise of the IPv6, connecting to WANs, LANs, highly secure routers of Cisco, scalable implementation of routing and advanced IP addressing. It is the exam that is to qualify the Cisco CCNP Routing and Switching and CCDP certification. For supporting the mobile workers and branch offices, the exam is designed to cover all the areas of configuration of extremely secure routing solution. The CCNP Routing and Switching CCDP is the associated certifications. Containing the duration of the 120 minutes it is the exam that consists of 55 and 70 questions. You can get more information online. The CCNP exam questions and answers organized by SPOTO are available online.

Exam Topics of the Cisco

  • Infrastructure Services         20%
  • Infrastructure Security         10%
  • VPN Technologies                  10%
  • Layer 3 Technologies             40%
  • Layer 2 Technologies             10%
  • Network Principles                 10%

How to prepare the Cisco?

The most important way to pass the exams is to get the skills in the practicing the systematic ITIL-compliant approaches, performing the network troubleshooting with the use of the modern technology. On the other hand, he/she must be trained in the switched networks, performing perform regular maintenance on complex enterprise routed and planning at the same platform. Associating with the exam certification the candidate has to solve the 50 to 70 questions in 120 minutes. 

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Benefits of study guide

Do not bother it is not a big deal to prepare the exam. Get the study guide online that is designed by the expert Cisco community in a very proficient manner.

  • It provides all the questions, answers module for your assistance that sounds good to everyone.
  • It is effective and the best choice for getting the perfect routing and switching skills.
  • It pulls together some useful and helpful information for the candidates.
  • Enhances their Network Principles abilities by reducing stress from mind.
  • Encourages them by providing the full knowledge about the topics.
  • Assignments are prepared for students, done on time.

Tremendously helpful for the learners, discussing the hard topics and make them lighter and simple for the students.

Improves the skills

If you want to get mastery in the exam, it will be extremely right choice for this purpose to buy the study guide. It assists the candidates in various means. Candidates need to attain the perfection for the better results in the exam, so they need to attempt practice test. It provides them support of the standard test format after regularly intervals. They get able to get identify their skills and rectifying their mistakes independently. For preparing the section related to the technologies, it is necessary for the candidates to enhance their IT skills; these tutoring guides help them to revise the topics of the curriculum. It develops a solid foundation to increase the IT techniques among the students. 

You need to access SPOTO and try this site for exam preparation. They are very easy to access online. 

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CCNP exam questions and answers organized by SPOTO

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