How High Should a 65 Inch TV Be Mounted

How High Should a 65 Inch TV Be Mounted

To get the best viewing experience, you want the middle of your TV to be at eye level, which is usually about 42 inches high. This means that a 65 inch TV should normally be mounted up to 25 inches below the floor.

Remember, the size of the TV is measured from corner to corner. Typically, a 65 inch TV is about 32 inches long. However, you should measure the height of your TV by measuring the TV.

To find out how high your TV should be, you need to take the height of your TV (32 inches) and divide it by 2 (which is equal to 17 inches). Then lower it to the height of your eye level when you are sitting, which is usually 42 inches. So, that means a 65-inch TV should normally be placed 25 inches above the floor (below the TV). In that case, the top of your TV will be about 59 inches above the floor.

If you are taller or shorter than average, you can also use a tape measure to determine how high your eye level is while sitting on your sofa. Then use this measurement instead of 42 inches to find out how high you should keep your TV.

If you already have a TV stand or other furniture, you can turn up your TV. However, raising your TV too high will mean you have to tilt your head back. To avoid squeezing your neck, it is recommended that your eye level not fall below a third below your screen. This means you should never place a 65-inch TV under a TV above the floor at a height of more than 32 inches.

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With a full-motion TV mount, you can tilt your TV down, which can help reduce neck tension and reduce glare. If you are in the market for a new TV mount, take our short quiz to determine which articulating mount is right for you.

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How High Should a 65 Inch TV Be Mounted

Size of the TV (TVS)

The size of your TV greatly affects the height of the TV. When you buy a TV, the size is marked on the box like 42 ″, 55 ″, 60 ″ etc. If you have an existing TV and can’t remember the size, you can measure it. You can find the size of your TV diagonally and not just the screen.

Viewing Distance (VD)

The viewing distance also contributes to the increasing height of your TV, and this is the distance between the TV screen and where you are sitting. The maximum viewing distance can be based on the size of your television to be viewed or measured from where you are sitting on the wall where the TV will be mounted (in inches). The maximum VD can be calculated from the following formula.

Eye Level Height from the Floor (ELH)

The level of your eyes also contributes to the increasing height of the TV, and when you are watching TV, the distance of your eyes from the floor is in inches. You can easily measure it from the floor to your eyes. For example, when I sit on my sofa, my eye level is 40 inches from the floor.

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