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How does one file a motor insurance claim?

Are you a proactive person researching all about motor insurance before you enrol for one? Or are you reading this post because your car unfortunately got damaged due to an accident? Whatever be the case, we are here to help – in this blog, we take you through a simple 4 step method on filing for a claim to avail insurance.

Before that, you need to know that there are two types of claims, cashless claims and reimbursements.

Cashless claims – In this method, the insurance company directly settles the claimed amount with the garage which undertook the repairs. The percentage reimbursed depends on the amount insured and other factors. 

Reimbursement – With reimbursement, you collect the bill of repairs from the garage and submit it to the insurer. They evaluate the claim and pay you back if you provide correct documentation and satisfy all their conditions. In this process, you have to pay up the money from your side to the garage and wait till the insurer gives the money (or a part of it) back to you. 

With a cashless claim, you do not have to worry about applying and waiting for a reimbursement as the insurer takes care of the bill (or a part of it).

Four Steps to file a motor Insurance Claim

Step 1 – Communication with the police station

Contact your local/ nearest police station immediately and inform them about the incident. If any people were injured due to the accident, you must disclose that to the cops. Request the police to file a FIR on the same. Do not resist or fear approaching the police station as the law enforcement helps all the affected parties.

Step 2 – Communication with the insurer 

Take stock of all the damage that the car has undergone. Be sure to intimate your insurer about this as soon as you can. Give them as much information as they ask for and ask them to initiate the claim process. If you have any specific query, sort it out with the insurer at this stage. Then, you proceed to file the claim.

Step 3 – Assessment 

Now that you have conveyed the details to the insurer, they will make note of the incident. Usually, an insurance company will send a surveyor to inspect the four-wheeler. The surveyor will thoroughly examine the vehicle and its condition and then submit a report to the insurer. Based on this report, the insurance company will do its due diligence on the claim.

Step 4 – Approval

Once the insurance company is satisfied with all the documentation and due diligence, the claim will be approved. With the approval, you can take your motor vehicle to a network garage and get it repaired.

Network garages are those in the network of your insurance providers. Claims will be approved only if repairs are done at a network garage of your particular insurer. As a rule of thumb, it is always advisable to choose an insurance company that has a huge network of garages all over the country. Chola motor insurance, for instance, has 8,500+ garages pan India and accepts cashless claims.

We hope this blog was of use to you. Do bookmark it, in case you or your acquaintance needs to file a claim for motor insurance. Of course, we only wish the very best for you and sincerely hope that you don’t have a need to do so and get through motoring life accident-free. 

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