How Do You Balance Your Ux Design and Conversion Optimization?

While you are designing your website or your mobile application, both the UX design and the conversion optimization go hand in hand.  To amplify your lead generation and conversion, you must be improving the balance between the UX and your CRO.

To improve the value of your user’s journey on your site, you must be focusing on the evaluation of your UX. However, at the same time, too much focus on UX can detriment your CRO and vice-versa. Thus you should maintain a very clear-cut balance between these two which can help you to deliver a very impressive user experience. Here are some tips on how to maintain the proper balance.

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How do you balance your UX design and conversion optimization?

  • Consider the usability testing to improve the UI

When a company opts for using UX design to escalate their customer experience, it helps to boost both their ROI and KPIs. 10% of investment in UX can offer you an 83% of lift in your conversion rate.

If you look at famous platforms like Amazon, you can find out that they have improved their ROI massively by iterating the highly efficient UX throughout their buyers’ journey. Also, they strive to measure their UX from time to time. Thus the usability testing from time to time can have a great impact on your site’s performance. You can consider conducting regular A /B tests on all your UIs. Also, it is a smart enough idea to update and resign the tools of your UI from time to time based on analytics data. You can avail your services from a UX agency to perform the proper usability testing for your UX.

  • Understand what your people want from your website

While you start designing your website, you must keep the user in mind to maintain the balance between your UX and CRO. It is vital to understand that users have a very unpredictable manner of acting on your site to the web design firm

To improve the user orientation in your site, you can build demos or go on to perform some beta tests to understand which design is working best. Use the opportunity to gather all the valuable feedback. Also, it will be helpful to understand how people are using your service or product and what they are thinking to accomplish on your site. Integrate that information to evaluate the UX on your site.

  • Make proper use of data analytics to gain insight into your visitors.

You must be focusing on your analytics which includes various ways to gain feedback from your prospects. It will help you to boost the bottom line on your platform. The useful data can help you to have better insight into the impactful areas where you need to focus and what you need to omit. You can track or measure the behavior of your customer on your site. Also, it is better to analyze all the dips, jumps, or fluctuations in your conversion. Also, it can be very helpful to track all your site visitors, sources, and referrers which can help you to maintain a very healthy balance on your site. Data is an important factor for deciding the best UX or UI element that customers will love or hate. Merely possessing data is also not sufficient. You must be able to analyze it. There are Data Analytics Courses that you can take a look at.

  • Do not center your focus only on CRO

Too much focus on your CRO can be harmful to your UX. If you are only focusing on your conversions, then it can be detrimental to your UX in the longer term, which can increase your churn rate and lower your brand equity. Thus you must be finding the proper balance so that you can improve your customer retention through your UX.

For instance, if you want to get more leads, you might want to increase the number of CTA on your landing page.  But after a few months, you might discover that you have generated only a few more leads than before.  Focusing too much on CRO diminishes the quality of your UX. Hence you must keep in mind that you are improving the other important aspects of UX such as navigation so that your site presentation can have a very compact look.


Both the UX and the CRO are similarly important to improve your site’s performance and conversion. This is why you must find the right balance between these two so that these two elements emerge as a complement to each other rather than competing with each other.

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