How Do UltraWide Monitors Work with Games

Have a look at one of these fancy ultra wide monitors but not sure if they are worth the money or not? In this article, we want to give an exact answer.

An ultra-wide monitor offers FOV in some games and a large desktop surface, making it more suitable for multitasking. On the downside, high resolution guarantees a fairly powerful GPU.

In addition, regular widescreen monitors offer some more valuable features that can offer you better value for money.

Well, the consensus is that the 27-inch monitor is the ideal size for using a desktop, in which any large object is too painful to see up close.

However, except for one very important aspect of the display: aspect ratio (no pun intended).

Using a regular 16: 9 34-inch display on your desk isn’t exactly comfortable, but what happens when we’re talking about a 21: 9 34-inch display? Well, they’re great for desk work, that’s for sure.

However, each type of product has its advantages and disadvantages, so we will look at the same in this guide: the advantages and disadvantages of ultra-wide monitors and whether they are suitable for gaming and everyday use. For detail info you can visit Best Reviews Box. 

How Do UltraWide Monitors Work with Games

Advantages Of An Ultrawide Monitor

The main and most prominent advantage of Ultra Wide Monitor is Field of Wave (FOV) in some games. A wide field of view means better peripheral vision, which can certainly offer an advantage, especially in competitive multiplayer games.

As for everyday use, the extra width offers a little extra screen space, which means that multitasking is an easy task, especially if you like to open multiple windows simultaneously. 

Disadvantages Of An Ultrawide Monitor

When it comes to gaming, there are two issues you may encounter with Ultra Wide Monitor.

First, not every game supports the 21: 9 aspect ratio. If so, the image can be enlarged to fill the entire screen, or the edges will simply remain unused. Although this is often the case with older titles, some new games, such as Overwatch, deliberately disable 21: 9 support to give some players an unfair advantage.

Second, a larger, wider monitor also means higher display resolution. This can harm game performance, especially if you are using a weak GPU. So, make sure that your GPU can fully support Ultra Wide Monitor before you get it.

If we are talking about non-gaming applications, there are no major disadvantages that you will have to contend with when using a monitor for everyday tasks or tasks.

Ultra-wide monitors, however, are more expensive due to their extra size. That way, if you plan to get one for non-gaming applications, make sure the benefits it offers are really worth the extra money.

Do you want extra FOV and / or extra screen space? If so, you will definitely get an ultra wide monitor that is worth the money. However, if you are working with a limited budget, getting an Ultra Wide Monitor means moving on to some other features that you can get in the 16: 9 monitor within the same price range, such as a higher refresh rate. ۔

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