How do I use Glitter Powder?

Glitter Powder works by giving a glow to the skin and adding luminosity to the skin. It is mostly used on women’s collarbones or as a brow powder, eye shadow, or nose highlighter and is used on more formal occasions.

Glitter Powder is a cosmetic product that brightens the skin tone, but it is not the same as a highlighter, so how should Glitter Powder be used? The next step is for Her Time’s editor to give you a detailed answer. If you are interested in it, please come to know about it.

How to use Glitter Powder

Glitter Powder is a cosmetic product that contains glitter particles to achieve a localized shimmering effect; Glitter Powder is used to bring shine to the skin, increasing the brightness of the skin and making it shine immediately. Glitter Powder is used for dinner party makeup or stage wear but is rarely used in daily life. In fact, Glitter Powder has many uses, mostly for women’s collarbones or as a brow powder, eye shadow, and nose highlight. On more formal occasions will be used to do hair and can be very shiny in the light.

The difference between loose powder and Glitter Powder

Loose powder, also known as powder, is the secret to keeping your skin clear and your makeup looking natural. It is a fine powder that sets the makeup and makes the skin smooth and transparent. It does not show any traces after puffing, and the makeup is long-lasting and fresh.

It is also called a fixing powder because it is a fixed layer of foundation. It can fix the foundation, which can easily move and stain with high humidity. The loose powder absorbs excess moisture and oil to hold the foundation in place.

Loose powder, there are with the glitter and not with the glitter, glitter suitable for the stage effect, is to go out and play with, or go to the bar at night with the lights under the sunshine up very good. The usual makeup is not suitable for too much glitter, such as when you go to work, you can use it without glitter.

The colour choice of loose powder

Commonly used are yellow, pink, flesh colour, purple, etc.

Yellow and flesh are more suitable for oriental people, not very white mm can also choose, makeup is not heavy; pink is suitable for white or yellow, and lack of blood mm, is the most commonly used colour, if your skin tone is not particularly red, with pink certainly will not be a problem. This is the most natural colour; purple is suitable for yellowish skin, but it also wants to achieve a white effect of mm.

In addition, there are several disadvantages of loose powder with glitter, as follows.

  1. highlighting skin imperfections
  2. In the summer, it is easy to give the illusion of more sweat and oil, so it is recommended that the skin is not very good. Mm do not choose this powder, but the advantage of this powder is that it can improve the skin’s sense of shine, shaping the face three-dimensional sense.

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