How Custom Yard Signs Can Give Your Home a Security Boost  

How Custom Yard Signs Can Give Your Home a Security Boost  

Every homeowner wants to protect their properties. Unfortunately, home security systems are too expensive for the average homeowner. Less than 20% of homeowners have security systems in place. That’s why they’re turning towards more budget-friendly and hassle-free options.

One solution that’s oddly working for many homeowners is using customized yard signs featuring security-related warnings and information. A simple yard sign that says “you are under surveillance” can prevent break-ins. Here’s how you can use custom yard signs to scare off potential trespassers, even if you don’t have security systems installed.

Psychological Impact on Criminals

A recent study examined the customs and motivations of home intruders and burglars. Only 12% of the convicted offenders who participated in the study said that they planned their crimes in advance. Conversely, over 41% of the convicted offenders who participated in the study said that their actions were instinctive.

  • Most home burglaries are “spur of the moment” events. Burglars usually don’t target specific homes. They target neighborhoods. According to the study,
  • Burglars first try to determine whether their target home has an alarm system or not.
  • Before attempting a burglary in a neighborhood, a typical burglar will rule out visiting any house that has security systems in place.
  • Burglars will also discontinue their attempts at breaking into properties if they discover the presence of surveillance cameras or security systems while carrying out the crimes.

This is how the minds of criminals operate. Their priority is risk prevention. They don’t want anything to do with homes that have security systems in place. If your property has custom yard signs with security messages, there’s a high chance that burglars will not even consider targeting your home.

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Cost-Effective Solution

Another great benefit of using fake home security signs is that they’re cheap. If you live in an area that’s prone to crime, investing in a real security system becomes a necessity. But what if you can’t afford to pay thousands of dollars to set up a security system? The next best option is investing in security signage.

  • These signs are easy to spot. Putting up just one sign is enough to let everyone in your neighborhood know that you mean business when it comes to properly securing your property.
  • They can be customized to display different security threats. For example, if you have a sign that says “dog bite danger,” people will call you twice before visiting. You’ll get to enjoy more privacy, thanks to your fake security signs.
  • Delivery professionals are likelier to behave better if they feel that they are under surveillance. Sneaky neighbors will also think twice before attempting to steal your property.

Instead of taking no security measures, investing in these less expensive security solutions is a much better option for homeowners. Yard signs are cheap. You can probably get a collection of these signs for less than $100. Purchase them online. Start giving potential criminals the illusion of maximum security! Keep faking it until you save up enough money to buy a real security system.

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