How Companies like UPS and Amazon Manage Their Fleets

How Companies like UPS and Amazon Manage Their Fleets

It is important to learn the ways in which you can manage your fleets. The best way to learn is from bigger companies that have a lot on their plates when it comes to managing fleets.

Anyone who is having a fleet can learn a lot by seeing how companies like Amazon and UPS manage their fleets. These companies have mastered the managing techniques as they have a large number of fleets and managing them at once is an enormous task.

How can they execute such brilliant management of fleets? If you also have such questions and want to learn from the best. Read this guide on how mega giants like Amazon manage their fleets.

The right use of technology

One of the major areas that these companies work upon is modern inventions in the field of science and technology to make the most out of them.

The team of companies like Amazon and ups always tries to work with the latest available technology to increase efficiency and productivity.

Some examples of the use of technology by these companies are-

  • The mega-giant Amazon is currently working with drone technology to increase its delivery speeds in the future. Drones can improve delivery timings and speed as they will traverse quickly and with efficacy. These technologies can change the future of delivery systems if executed in the right way.
  • UPS came with a modern solution to curb the problem faced by delivery agents in many cities due to heavy traffic and rush on the roads. They are currently using bicycles to deliver in times of heavy traffic where heavy fleets are of no use. This is a prime example of innovating your plans to get the best out of them. This also helps in curving down the air pollution to an extent.
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This means that if you want to excel in managing your fleets, get the highest productivity, and ensure maximum efficiency, then you should be open to innovation and adapting to the latest technology. One great example is using reliable software like Route4Me Route Planner to accomplish your deliveries in a fast and timely manner.

Other things that can help in getting the most out of your fleets are the use of dashcams, GPS, fleet management software, and other technologies.

Streamlining your scheduling process

The first and foremost thing when it comes to fleet management is the use of technologies and systems like fleet management software.

But these companies are a way ahead in scheduling and managing their fleets.

They use mechanized planners to schedule their fleets and assign drivers with the help of AI. The coming age of technology has helped these companies to invent new ways for better management.

Many other things used by Amazon and UPS are-

  • The use of CRM and GPS technology helps in the proper location planning and scheduling of the devices.
  • The automated plan creator helps the drivers and companies to automate their fleets’ runtime and routes to set a desired target for the driver and courier partner.
  • Companies like Amazon and UPS aim at making their process as automated as possible to minimize any human error.

Using Devices with Remote Access

Amazon is famous for using devices that are connected to each other remotely. These devices with modern remote technology are also known as the Internet of Things(IoT) together.

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The major works that can be executed with the help of these devices are-

  • These devices are perfect to prevent any mishappening by sending notifications and other alerts.
  • The fuel management system of data is executed perfectly with the help of these devices.
  • These devices also help in managing on-the-spot changes in routes and schedules by getting real-time information.

Doing regular risk checkup

Amazon, UPS, and other mega-companies focus a large section of their time on assessing the risk checkup of their fleets to avoid any future mishappenings.

The timely assessment and risk checkup helps in eliminating various factors like –

  • It helps in eliminating road accidents to a large extent by increasing driver’s attention while driving with the help of technologies like dash cam truck and GPS devices.
  • Risk checkup also helps in reducing various costs that go in the wear and tear of the fleets.
  • A large number of fleets that are constantly looked for risk assessment also performs better as compared to fleets that do not undergo any risk assessment.


The one thing to learn from companies like Amazon and UPS in managing your fleets is the better use of the latest technologies and innovative thinking for better results.

You should try to follow the latest trends and accumulate creative thinking to get the most out of your fleets. These mega giants try to be in line with modern creative solutions.

Amazon and UPS have mastered the task of fleet management using these tools and techniques.

Following these practices to the best of use can help you in making your fleet business successful.

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