How can you earn money from YouTube?

YouTube has more than 1.3 billion users who view 5 billion videos every day. This is 3.25 billion hours of video-watching time per month. Many video creators have realized the earning potential of this platform, and they are making money on their content.

YouTube produces between 16 and 25 billion in revenue annually, mostly from ads. With an average of earnings that beats the likes of Fortune 500 companies, many YouTubers have successfully navigated the road to become millionaires. Although it’s not a guarantee that you’ll become a millionaire, however, having your company on YouTube offers many advantages.

Like all investors, It is advisable to diversify your earnings avenues. Like earning money from YouTube, starting with video shouldn’t be difficult. Since video production and consumption grow on YouTube, there’s no more suitable time to begin creating unique video content. Subpals will help you in buying hundreds of Subscribers on YouTube.

Choose your YouTube channel niche.

The time is now to put a plan to put a project in place. Before you begin making money from YouTube, you must create a channel that has content that people want to view. YouTube is a vast network that is filled with a myriad of themes. To build a following, you’ll have to narrow your search by focusing on a particular subject. Below are several broad categories to help you start.

If you’ve got a subject that you are thinking about, it is helpful to research different channels in that area and figure out what you can do to distinguish yourself from your competitors. Also, discover your area of expertise! The more specific, the better. As you get more popular and develop, it will be possible to expand your reach. Gaming, for example, is a vast genre with various subgenres.

Be aware that there could be overlap between different genres. For instance, the wildly popular YouTube channel Epic Meal Time is a cooking show with epic scale (pun intended), but viewers are also watching humorous aspects. So don’t be afraid to be innovative and give your unique spin for your channel. Alongside the content you post via your YouTube channel, You can further personalize your channel’s page by creating banners using online design instruments like Venngage or Canva YouTube Banner. This will help you tie all your content together with a single theme.

  • Gaming
  • Music
  • Animals and their activities
  • Cooking
  • Lifehacks
  • Compilations
  • Unboxing
  • Humor
  • Exercise tips
  • Beauty/Fashion
  • Review of the product
  • How to’s
  • Travel
  • Vlog

Once you’ve discovered your niche and begin to create quality content, Your channel will be growing. Don’t be surprised if the track doesn’t start to grow in a matter of hours. As with any other business, you are developing an audience requires time. If you want to ensure your channel is optimized for YouTube search, look at this helpful tutorial. After you’ve built up a consistent follower base, you can begin investigating your YouTube ways to make money.

For more suggestions on YouTube marketing, you can check out our no-cost complete guide for YouTube marketing.

YouTube ads

The ability to display YouTube advertisements on your video content is the most lucrative method that pops into minds when people consider earning money through YouTube. This is how it works as you are the channel hosting; you’re paid each time a person watches for 30 seconds or more the advertisement or clicks on the ad. On average, advertisers pay $0.18 per viewer who views the ad. Based on this calculation, for each thousand YouTube views, you’d earn $18. But, Google (owner of YouTube) gets 45percent of the earnings, which leaves you with $9.90. It may not appear like enough; however, when you consider that some of the best-performing YouTube stars receive millions of views across many videos, the revenue can be significant.

To display advertisements for the YouTube page, you must be a member of the YouTube Partner Program. To be qualified, your channel must be at least 4000 hours of watched-time and must have at least 1000 channel subscribers in the past year. Once you’ve been approved to join, you can do so using these instructions:

  • Log into your YouTube account YouTube.
    1. In the upper-right corner, click on your account icon, then on the dropdown menu, choose YouTube Studio (beta).
    2. You can hover over Other Options and choose Money in the dropdown menu on the menu left.
  • On this page, you’ll be required to agree to the terms and conditions of the YouTube Partner Program terms, register for the AdSense account, and choose your preferences for monetization.
  • Accounts will then be scrutinized. The review process typically lasts about a week.

YouTube affiliate marketing

Contrary to YouTube advertisements, however, affiliate marketing doesn’t require you to be a part of the YouTube Partner Program or have the minimum amount for subscribers and views (but you’ll indeed need an audience of viewers to make money). The term “affiliate” refers to marketing when a company offers you a fee on the revenue generated by visitors to your channel. It is typically tracked using a unique affiliate code or an affiliate link. There are two methods to earn money through this method: 1.) Brands pay you according to the amount users visit on your affiliate link or click-through rate (CTR) or 2.) the brand pays you a specific proportion of the revenue from the items sold. The great thing about Affiliate marketing via YouTube is that it applies to virtually every industry since so many companies have an affiliate program.

YouTube sponsorships

The idea of a YouTube sponsorship is perhaps the most challenging method to earn money on YouTube. Nevertheless, it is one of the most profitable. It is essential to have a substantial audience and influence within your field before a company will consider sponsoring you. The benefit of having a sponsorship by YouTube is that there’s no established procedure like YouTube advertisements. YouTubers and brands will agree and determine the reimbursement terms according to your area of expertise and the number of followers. Websites like Famebit are created to assist YouTubers in finding suitable brands that they are looking to partner with. The contract could be a pre-determined arrangement in exchange for an exclusive video that promotes the brand, which includes the brand’s logo on your channel or solely using the product or service of a brand.

Better known by his gaming name, “Ninja,” Tyler Blevins supposedly earns around $500,000 every month via sponsorship contracts through Red Bull and Microsoft. Ninja became famous for broadcasting himself as he played the well-known battle royale video game Fortnite and Twitch. YouTube along with Twitch. The specific terms of the contract with his sponsors are not unambiguous. However, Blevins has been known to wear Red Bull apparel during his streaming and utilizes the Microsoft PC to play games, making the relationship obvious.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that YouTube sponsorships are dangerous for the individuals involved. The YouTuber’s partnership with a large brand can expose you to losing your authenticity or being seen as a selling point to your followers. This could lead to losing subscribers or views. Sponsorships can pose risks for brands too. As an example, Disney had to pull their support of the famous YouTube celebrity, PewDiePie, to portray offensive images within the videos of his YouTube videos. Companies can fall into the trap of viewing the YouTube influencer as an actor paid to recite specific promotional phrases instead of speaking on behalf of the brand. So, it’s crucial to ensure both sides are in sync from the beginning.

YouTube fan-funded funding

Another way to earn money from YouTube is to acquire subscribers who make donations directly. YouTubers who are members of YouTube’s Partner Program can quickly sign up to YouTube Super Chat (otherwise, you’ll need to sign up). The feature allows users to make the small amount once and be able to have their comments pinged and prominently displayed on YouTube’s comments feed, for up to 5 hours, based on the amount they pay. Super Chat is ideal for live YouTube streamers with an active community of subscribers. Here’s how to sign-up to YouTube’s Super Chat:

  • Log in to the YouTube account you have created. YouTube account.
  • In the upper right corner, click on your account icon. Then, from the dropdown menu, choose YouTube Studio (beta).
  • You can hover over Additional Features from the main menu and then select Live Event in the dropdown menu.
  • The next step is to click live control room near the top. You’ll be asked to confirm your account.
  • Once the account has been verified, it will take 24 hours to make the livestream active. After activation, you’ll be able to launch Super Chat in a new window.

Another method of YouTube fan funding is through a website known as Patreon. Patreon lets you create a channel gated exclusively for members who pay. The monthly fees are set to make your account up and are a great way to provide exclusive content to regular subscribers.

YouTube channel merchandise

This method involves using YouTube’s YouTube channel to advertise your company rather than making income passively. Once your channel has grown enough to generate revenue through any of the methods mentioned above, it’s the perfect opportunity to make more money through promoting your business and selling your line of clothing. It’s important to know that most top-rated YouTube channels don’t earn income through just one strategy. That’s why they use various methods to maximize the gains. For example, Logan Paul runs YouTube advertisements on his videos and promotes sponsors and affiliates and his brand of products known as “Maverick.”

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