How Can Magento Help You Create An Ecommerce Site To Boost Sales?

Magento is a leading ecommerce platform a Magento web development company can use to create your own store. It’s easy to use and comes with many features that will help you grow your online business. You’ll need Magento if you want to offer customers an omnichannel experience, which includes their ability to buy products online or in-store.

Whether they come from desktop, mobile, or tablet, Magento has all the tools necessary for managing their shopping journey through checkout, along with affordable marketing solutions, so they don’t forget about you!

In this article, we’ll show you how a ecommerce development company can use Magento development service to create your ecommerce site to boost sales.

Omnichannel experience

Omnichannel experience is a way to simplify the customer experience. It is a way to create a single identity for the same customer on several channels, so they can have multiple touch points while shopping or browsing your website and store(s).

With Magento, customer omnichannel experience is easily managed. When they are on your site, you can let them browse at their own pace with full control over the user experience for each channel rather than being restricted to a particular device or browser – desktop, mobile, or tablet.

Ready-Made of the box features

Magento has many ready-made out-of-the-box features that will help boost sales. For example:

  • Easily create, manage and monitor coupon codes

Coupon codes are elements that increase conversions by providing customers with discounts or other benefits. They are also good for creating loyalty to your brand and driving traffic back to the site, so they can continue shopping while you reward their return visits.

  • Customize pricing options

Magento has customized pricing controls that allow you to offer flexible prices on products according to any rules of your choice – time periods, the number of units bought, etc. You can even set up different prices for groups based upon customer-specific information like location, demographics, etc.

  • New items promotional tool

The best ecommerce sites inspire confidence when browsing products by giving shoppers plenty of information about what they’re buying. Omnichannel is all about creating that positive customer experience through product pages with rich images, detailed descriptions, and reviews–helping potential buyers make informed decisions before they commit their cash! This makes it easier than ever to attract more online traffic with interesting content marketing campaigns across email newsletters, social media, and paid search, such as Google AdWords.

  • Fulfillment features

Magento offers merchants multiple fulfillment options, including drop-shipping from suppliers, store pickup, etc., managing stock levels of different locations efficiently, generating invoices automatically according to order parameters – basically everything required in multi-channel fulfillment centers. Magento also gives you the freedom of choosing your own carriers while offering all shipment tracking capabilities. In short, if you want buyers to never miss out on any product because they couldn’t find it, Magento is the way to go.

  • Data management features

With over 50 million items hosted on their servers and over 700,000 store owners using them for your data will be safe with Magento. It also gives complete control of how much information about customers you want to share with other merchants. – for example, sharing customer email addresses or not allowing access to product reviews is all at your discretion. You can even allow cross-domain tracking if some of your products are sold by another merchant through a different website!

  • Persistent shopping cart

The Magento persistent shopping cart allows customers to add and remove items from their carts in a multi-store environment, giving them the flexibility they need when browsing different stores. You can also set up “wish lists” that allow your customers to create multiple versions of their ideal product list across all your websites – perfect for planning special events!

  • Free shipping options

Magento offers the ability to offer free shipping on specific items or all of them. You can also allow customers to choose their preferred delivery method and calculate custom shipping rates accordingly!

  • Catalog promotional pricing

You’re probably wondering how you can use Magento discounts for your catalog. – well, this is a prominent feature that allows you to create a voucher code for an entire category within your product catalog. It gives shoppers full control over what they spend by allowing them to apply discount codes only when necessary – perfect for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries!

  • Flexible Coupons

Magento coupons are a great way to reward loyal customers and encourage recent visitors alike. With Magento, you can easily create, manage and monitor coupon codes from your control panel for many reasons – whether it’s encouraging people back in the door or promote an upcoming sale!

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SEO features

The SEO features of Magento are second to none. You must optimize your ecommerce site for search engines. Otherwise, it won’t be found by potential customers! With Magento, you can create custom meta information for products, categories, and content pages, so they show up in Google or other major search engines with ease.

  • Google Site Map

Google Site Map is a feature that can provide a huge potential for your ecommerce store. More often than not, customers will type the name of your product into Google to find it online. If you have Site Map enabled on Magento, this page would be crawled and indexed by search engines to know exactly where all of your products are located! If you have issues with setting this up, you can hire a Magento website development company to do it for you.

  • Search engine friendly URL’s

This is something else that is really important when optimizing an ecommerce site – having ‘clean’ URLs with no tracking parameters or codes added onto them helps improve SEO because crawlers don’t get confused about what the link represents. These features also come with customizable URLs: unique addresses for each product/category/page within your store.

  • URL Rewrites give full control of URL’s

Even if you don’t have your store set up to use clean URLs, Magento gives full control over the format of each URL so that it matches what will be seen by search engine crawlers. You can achieve this using a combination of ‘clean’ and ‘pretty permalinks’ settings, but again, go down the route of customizable URLs for optimal SEO results.

  • Meta-information for products, categories, and content pages

Another thing that helps with SEO is the Meta information you can assign to each product/category/page of your site. This includes things like title tags, description meta-data (for both desktop and mobile versions), keywords tag, and robots control files – all good stuff that helps Magento automatically optimize itself with no extra work on your part!

  • An auto-generated sitemap for display on site

To add to the list of Search Engine Optimization features in Magento, there’s a sitemap that you can create, and it will make sure Google indexes your site. The best thing about this feature is its simplicity – all you need to do is subscribe via RSS feed on the ‘Google Sitemaps for Content’ module within Magento Connect or download an XML file directly from the backend admin panel at System > Configuration > Catalogue > Google Site Map settings.

  • Auto-generated popular search terms page

By using Magento’s SEO features to create rich content and meta-information for products, categories, and product pages, you can provide the information that customers need when they want it–on site or off. An auto-generated sitemap for display helps your visitors find their way around the website, so there is less chance of them leaving without completing a purchase. Geo-targeted metadata gives more control over where shoppers see your business by filtering results in local searches through either country or city.

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We are a Magento eCommerce development company, and we’re happy to help you with your eCommerce needs. Contact us at Endertech for more information on how we can create an ecommerce site that will improve the conversions of your online store and drive up those all-important sales numbers!

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