Health hazards that you often face now

The 21st century is the age of development, automation and advancement Health hazards. The curiosity in humans to literally reach the moon and other planets is at its peak in this century. We have already made our presence on the moon and mars. Countries are now striving hard to reach other left planets and astronomical bodies. Machines have entered every aspect of life, from the Alexa waking us in the morning. 

Mobile phones alerting us about today’s schedule, televisions, mixer grinders you just name it. One cannot imagine his or her life without machines and gadgets, if someone tries to lead a life without machines, he/she will be living in today’s competitive life. 

But wait the story is not over, like two sides of a cointhis story has some negative aspects too. Modern technology has made our lives comfortable but notwithstanding the health hazards that we face now. Today’s generations are facing some health issues which we unknown to our grandfathers.For the same reason today,we have to depend on pills like Cenforce 150 or Kamagra Oral Jelly for sexual satisfaction. This is the tip of the iceberg in this article we shall focus on some of the concerning health hazards faced today. 

Erectile Dysfunction

As we discussed that today people are dependent on pills for sexual pleasure. This is enough to define the quality of life, which is nothing short of deceptive. Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is one such disorder that threatens your sex life. It is a condition where men fail to get an erect penis during sex. In absence of desired erection intercourse lasts for less than a few minutes which makes the couple dissatisfied.

This dissatisfaction if occurring regularly in bed can turn into serious situations like divorce and extramarital affairs. This is because women are also sexual beings, they too want their sexual fantasies to be fulfilled. Hence, when their life partner becomes incapable, they look for other options. 

The main problem here is the lack of blood flow in the penis. During sexual stimulation, blood rushes in the blood vessels to cause an erection.But due to reasons like smoking, overconsumption of alcohol,drug abuse, obesity, diabetes, depression or injury blood flow is significantly reduced in the penis. This affects the erection resulting in less erection or no erection at all. For a man, this becomes a matter of manliness because in society it is fed in our mind to equate manliness with sexuality. But one can surely overcome ED by using tablets like Vidalista 60 mg from pills achieve in providing sufficient erection by stabilizing blood pressure, facilitating smoothness of erectile tissues to allow easy movement of blood and relaxation of pelvic muscles. 


Depression is undoubtedly one of the leading health hazards of the 21st century. It affects people of all age groups irrespective of gender, caste and creed. Today almost 70% of teenagers in India are suffering from depression and high-stress levels. The situation is critical and troublesome, if not proper steps are not taken it could make a large chunk of the population distressed. 

Depression is a state of dullness and loneliness where the person only has negative thoughts in mind. He/she blames himself or herself for the mistakes in life. Such people hide from attending any social occasions like birthday parties or events. They become irritative and aggressive when forced into any conversation. In extreme situations, depression has resulted in the loss of lives by suicide.

Depression also degrades productivity in work, ruins relationships, sex life is disturbed, every aspect of life seems affected when someone undergoes depression. The best to prevent depression is to communicate with your loved ones and tell them about your mental state. The person must be taken to a psychiatrist as soon as possible. Such people are the biggest consumers of Cenforce 200 from to release stress by having sex. 


In times of social media, we do not have time for eating and sleeping. Everything must be shortened and must be done in the fastest way possible.Thus, came the concept of fast food that can be consumed within a few minutes while walking, while doing work or anytime. Few of such foods are noodles, pasta, pizza, burger, French Fries and cold drinks. These eatables are a rich source of calories, cholesterol and sugar. 

Regular consumption of these foods poses the risk of increasing cholesterol levels. Cholesterol blocks the opening of pulmonary arteries which prevent blood from reaching needy organs. The organs thus become blood deficient and work with less efficiency. The heart pumps faster to supply more blood because there is an obstruction due to cholesterol. This results in hypertension, high blood pressure and potential risk of cardiac arrest. 


These are a few of the most common health hazards faced by people. Small negligence in lifestyle can invite hazardous ailment in the body. A healthy life keeps your mind and body happy and also the people around you tend to receive positivity.

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