Great reasons to vacation in Grand Cayman

Great reasons to vacation in Grand Cayman

Did you ever consider visiting Grand Cayman? If you enjoy any or all of the following, I think you may have found the answer: incredible golden beaches, ocean and land adventures, warm and welcoming people, amazing food, a vibrant culture, wonderful Cayman Villas and endless opportunities for blissful relaxation. 

The charming island of Grand Cayman is one of the most popular Caribbean vacation destinations for discerning visitors from all over the world. Here are just some reasons why we think you should consider visiting Grand Cayman at least once in a lifetime.

The People & being “Caymankind”

I really love the term “Caymankind”.  It’s the welcoming smile you see as soon as you arrive, the way that the locals greet you, treating you like you’re a member of family, the polite modesty and gentleness of the people who live in this wonderful paradise.  Experiencing such good vibes in a sunny, colourful place does wonders for the soul.  Without needing to put any real effort into it, the Caymanian people will ensure you have the best Caribbean vacation you have ever had.  

After a short time on the island, you’ll want to live, love and laugh more, while embracing this wonderfully warm culture. What’s not to love about all of that? 

No matter where you are from, there is a part of “Caymankind” that will reach out and capture you.  It could be the way Mother Nature has truly worked her magic in so many ways. It could be the finer things in life that only seem to get better once you step on to the island, it could be the fact that a melting pot of cultures has blended together beautifully, or simply the beautiful smiling faces that greet you everywhere you go.

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Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach has been voted one of the most beautiful beaches in the world many times over and is one of many reasons why Grand Cayman is considered to be the ultimate destination for a Caribbean holiday.  With sparkling turquoise water and soft coral sands that stretch for – yes, you’ve guessed it – seven miles, the shoreline allows for relaxing sun worshipping and romantic walks or more exhilarating water sports such as parasailing and jet skiing.  

Top class resorts and restaurants are dotted along the beach (yet without feeling overcrowded), so you’re never far away from the perfect Pina Colada or fresher than fresh seafood platter.

Rum Point

Rum Point is located on the picturesque north side of Grand Cayman and is renowned for its’ white sandy beach, shallow crystal-clear waters and wonderful laid-back island atmosphere.  For guests staying in the Seven Mile Beach area, it’s a leisurely 45-minute drive to Rum Point, or, there are regular water taxis between Camana Bay and Rum Point.  

The main activities at Rum Point are snorkelling and swimming, or you can choose to swing in a hammock and shoot the breeze, enjoying the warm sea air and ocean views.  You can take a leisurely stroll along the reef-protected shore and through mangroves, followed by a beachside fish platter or burger at the world-famous Wreck Bar. 

The Food

Some say (including myself) that Grand Cayman is the Culinary Capital of The Caribbean.  You can choose to savour haute cuisine under the stars on Seven Mile Beach and sip fine wines and champagnes.  Or, have lunch at a local fish shack, seated at a wooden table amongst the laid-back local people, savouring the freshest fish you’re ever likely to have.  Healthy dining options are aplenty throughout the island with many vegan eateries now making a name for themselves. 

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Beach Barbeque Nights at Rum Point are a must do when on the island offering an array of barbeque dishes and live music.  If you’re staying on Seven Mile Beach, you can catch a ride on a Catamaran across the North Sound to Rum Point and sail home under a moonlit sky.  Every meal can be a unique experience.   Such exquisite memories I have of eating out on Grand Cayman.

History & culture

The culture of Grand Cayman has been influenced by many different nationalities including Afro-Caribbean’s of Jamaica and colonists of Great Britain.  The islanders are very proud of their culture and rightly so. Thankfully, Christopher Columbus’ ship was blown off course in 1503, the result of that error being one of his most wonderful of many great discoveries – The Cayman Islands. 

The earliest settlers arrived during the mid-1650’s as deserters from the British Army in Jamaica, followed thereafter by fisherman, slaves, sailors and refugees from the Spanish Inquisition, so even during the early days, Grand Cayman was melting pot of nationalities. The Caymanians speak a British form of English, but with its’ own unique flair. And amusingly, each district has a different dialect. 

There is a rich heritage of rope making on the island, braiding strands from the national tree, the Silver Thatch Palm. Turtles and pirates have also played a large part in the culture.


Nature lovers will love Grand Cayman.  Natural beauty is everywhere, and the beautiful tropical vegetation is home to much wildlife.  Land preservation is very important on Grand Cayman.  Nature preserves set aside specific areas in order to promote conservation and cultivate bountiful areas in which local animals can thrive.  

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When driving around the island, you will become used to seeing Iguanas crossing the road (traffic must give way to these revered and gorgeous creatures).  Grand Cayman is also home to four species of snakes (all harmless), Hickatees, Turtles, Bats, over 200 species of tropical birds & parrots.  Aquatic lovers can mingle with marine life by swimming with friendly Stingrays at Stingray City. 

…So, what are you waiting for? Go explore or revisit Grand Cayman – it’s time! 

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