GogoPDF Guide: Online Tools That Can Help You Manage Your Online Document Better

Online documents might be complex and, at times, tricky to manage, especially with the number of things that come with its features. An excellent example to show you is the Portable Document Format or PDF file. Therefore, it makes it more difficult to modify because of the features that help it be more secure than ever.

An excellent way to help you solve your problems when handling online documents is by using an online converter tool. You can use this to easily modify your online document format with the likes of PDF files. Hence, an online tool’s overall usage and importance can help us in our daily online document activities.

Consequently, when you are converting your online documents with the help of the online platform of GogoPDF. You will definitely be receiving a quality conversion which will allow you to convert your online documents in about a minute or two and a few clicks away. Therefore, the overall simplicity of their online tool services is promising.

The Delete Pages From PDF File Online Tool

The first online tool that we will discuss from the GogoPDF platform you may utilize for your online documents is the delete pages from PDF File online tool. This can be a great online tool for your daily online document activities. In addition, removing PDF pages from your PDF file can be a useful online tool to modify your online document for the better.

Why do you need to remove PDF pages from your PDF file? You will need this tool to remove the unwanted or unnecessary PDF file pages in your document. Sometimes it is better to have your document have straightforward content. Hence, removing some of the unnecessary ones can help in making your document better.

Suppose that this is your first time deleting pages from your PDF file while using GogoPDF. After that, you can have the option to follow the instructions located on the online tool’s web page. All you need to do is follow the instructions, and you can remove the PDF pages you want to remove permanently. Here is an example of how you can effectively use their online tool.

  • You can upload your PDF file into their system to start scanning.
  • Select the PDF pages that you want to remove and discard for your newly converted PDF file.
  • You can click the “Remove Pages”.
  • Save it to your storage or share it with your desired recipient.

The Repair PDF Online Tool

When you are handing online documents there are times that you encounter certain damage or corrupt online documents. This will restrict you from viewing the contents, given the circumstances that your online document has. Suppose that you can’t open your document and it will be useless for future needs.

Suppose that you are in a situation where you need to repair your online documents. You will need to use the Repair PDF online tool to experience a smooth transaction in converting your damaged online document. The instructions will be provided once you have clicked the online tool. When you are transferred to a new page, you can immediately start the conversion process.

  • Upload and get your PDF file scanned.
  • Click the “Repair PDF File.”
  • Wait for the conversion process.
  • Download the newly processed document.

The Shared Document Online Tool

The shared document online tool has been serving the public for years now. This has been one of the many go-to online tools that help you transfer or share your online document from sender to recipient. The advantage of having this kind of online tool is it allows you to have an URL link for your online document to be downloaded online.

The option of sending your online document to a single recipient or sharing your online document with a group of people is possible. All of the task is to copy the URL link and give it to the different recipients that you want for your online document. Here is how you can use this online tool.

  • Upload the document.
  • As a result, you can copy the URL link.
  • It is also possible to send your online document individually by filling out the necessary details.
  • Send your document online.


The online tools that we are using in the platform of GogoPDF have a lot to offer for the convenience of managing our online documents better.  However, the online tools mentioned above are only a few examples of the online tools you can use in your future needs.

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