Gift Ideas for Husband’s 40th Birthday

Age is just a number. People say life only starts after the age of 40. However, if it’s your husband’s 40th birthday, it calls for a special celebration. In this write-up, I am going to discuss the most interesting 40th birthday gift ideas

The fellow who has been your best friend through good and bad times deserves something worth remembering for his birthday. I understand it is hard to choose the perfect gift for your husband’s 40th birthday. But the plus point is you know him very well. 

Be it a materialistic present or an interesting experience, bring a smile to his face with the thoughtful gift. Let me help you choose the best gift for your husband’s 40th birthday that makes him stay another 40 years with you. 

How to Choose the Ideal Gift for Your Husband

  • A gift is a dish better served with a surprise. Even if it’s a small one, make it a surprise. It will increase the excitement of the event. 
  • Listen to him talking carefully. Once in a while, he’ll tell you casually about something that he wishes to possess. Voila, you’ve got your idea. 
  • As you know him very well, you already know that makes him happy. If he is an ardent reader, buy him books.
  • If you can’t decide what to pick, make something with your own hand. Handmade gifts are always special.
  • Experience gifting is the new norm. Other than buying him materialistic stuff, you can go to an event, buy him tickets to his favorite concert, take him to the place where you first met him, or go on a trip. 

Best Gift Ideas For Your Husband’s 40th Birthday

  •  For the baseball fans or players: Custom Trading Pins

At the age of 40, it’s hard for him to go back to playing baseball on the baseball field. As a wife of a baseball fan, you must have companied him to stay up and cheer for his team. With a custom trading pins of the team he followed or played for, you will bring him back to the time he was young and remind him of his passionate times.

  • For the Game Freak; Foosball Table

Men love to play games. As your husband’s turning 40, he won’t likely go to the field to play outdoor games. A foosball table is what you need to buy to make his birthday more special. From the time of FRIENDS, foosball has never lost its charm. Make it a surprise for your hubby’s birthday. 

  • For your Favourite Geek; Comics

I know you will love the idea. You will be amazed to see him happy like a 10 year old back in his time. As he is turning 40, he may have spent his childhood reading his favorite comic books. 

It will be a nice surprise if you buy the collector’s edition of his favorite comic characters. He’ll probably jump in excitement and thank you wholeheartedly for rekindling his childhood again. 

  • Rekindle his Passion

As you know him very well, you might know what his passion was before he started the monotonous job. If he wanted to be a painter in his life but has never been in touch with the canvas and color for a long time, you should buy him an entire package of painting materials so that he can start to nurture his true passion again. 

This can be the most exciting birthday gift ever. Helping your husband find passion in his 40s can be a birthday treat that he can never forget. Surprise him by signing up for weekend language and writing classes.

  • For the Person who Gives You Warm Hugs; sweaters 

As the winter is approaching, what can be more perfect than a warm and cozy sweater as a gift for your husband’s 40th birthday. You can make it more special by making the sweater by yourself. 

Handmade gifts are perfect for giving to your loving husband. Firstly they are unique and one of a kind. Secondly, they have that personal touch. Thirdly, they are fun to make, and your husband will appreciate the fact that you are giving him something which has been crafted with a lot of love.

  • For the Stylish One; Wristwatch

Men love to wear wristwatches. As your hubby’s birthday is approaching, you can buy a wristwatch for him as a present. I would suggest you buy one that he can wear on all occasions. 

Go for a traditional model, as these are more elegant and will suit your loved one perfectly. But, ironically, he will forget to check the time every time he’s with you. 

  • For the Adventurer; Go for an Unplanned trip 

Someone rightly said that life starts at 40. But in our busy lives, we tend to forget that. If your husband loves adventure, plan a surprise trip for him. You can go for a long drive to the nearest mountain or the beach.

Set up a tent and go for a quick hike or sit by the seashore and enjoy the sunset with wine. It will certainly make your husband fall in love again with you and his own self. 


I hope these ideas are going to help you choose the most exciting thing to do for your husband on his 40th birthday. Surprise him and see the smile on his face. Have a blast! 

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