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Getting the best out of your electric smoker


The excitement of finally investing in a product that you have been yearning for is usually unmatched. However, frustrations may emanate as time goes by because you may not get the desired results. You expect to get the best results once you have been out of that store with your brand new Small electric smoker. However, without proper maintenance and usage, you may end up regretting your investment. Below are some tips that may help you get the best out of your electric smoker.

  1. Heat your smoker first- sometimes, you may be in a hurry to prepare your food. For an electric smoker, you need to give it enough time to heat up before adding any food. This results in a better flavor, and you may even end up feeling like a maestro in cooking.
  2. Ensure your smoker is always clean- contrary to other smokers, a small electric smoker is usually easy to clean and maintain. You can remove all the removable parts during the cleaning process, such as the water pan and the racks. Clean them separately and allow them to dry up. Always you a good oven cleaner to get the best results.
  3. Train yourself with pork meat- even for an amateur cook or chef, it is usually easy to prepare pork meat. This will enable you to obtain the best skills before you start smoking your meat. You may make mistakes in the beginning. However, those mistakes may not be a big deal with pork meat since the heart will be fantastic.
  4. Invest in a dual probe thermometer- most electric smokers come with a dial-in thermostat. However, the dial-in thermostat is not efficient since it does not measure temperature evenly. With your dual probe thermometer, you can measure the temperature of your food at the very spot where it is cooking. It would be best if you also looked out for a good thermometer that is more accurate and durable.
  5. Always season your new smoker- once you unpack your new electric smoker, you are already thinking about how you will use it. Before preparing your meals with your smoker, always consider seasoning them first. Pork meat is the best in this case. You may be wondering, why is this even important? Seasoning helps to remove dust, oil, and any residue that might be in your new smoker. These are elements that can make your food harmful or even smell bad. That is what you least expect from your new electric smoker. Lastly, seasoning helps create a thin layer of black smoke that enhances a smoky flavor in your food. This thin layer builds up as time goes by, making the smoky flavor even better.


The cooking process with your small electric smoker always gets better with time. You need to gain some skills to master the art of preparing your food. On the other hand, your smoker gets better with time. As the smoky layer builds up, your flavor gets better.

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