Future Of Vehicles: Unpacking The Rise Of The SUV

Some technological innovations make our lives easier – there’s no denying that. Think about your daily life and imagine how it would be without your smartphone, computer, television and other devices. We rely on this technology to keep us organised, connected to friends and family and earn a living. 

And there’s one modern invention that undoubtedly makes life manageable, and that’s the automobile. Our modern lives owe much to Henry Ford and his innovative assembly line invention. Can you imagine life without your car? All those trips, school drop-offs, grocery shopping and errands would be so much more difficult without your wheels. One car has emerged as exceedingly popular in recent times, and that’s the SUV. In this informative article, we’ll unpack the rise of the SUV as the most popular type of vehicle today.

There are a few reasons why many families and even single people worldwide choose an SUV for their car. Let’s detail why the SUV is rising up the ranks of preferred cars. 

Improved Storage and Cabin Room

Due to their large size when compared to sedans or hatches, SUVs offer improved storage capabilities. A decent boot size means that you can fit what you need to when you need to carry it. It could be the groceries, small items of furniture, your pets or the kids’ sports bags. With an SUV, you will have room to spare after packing the car. 

If you want additional storage, you can easily install some roof racks or a tow bar to enable you to tow a trailer. Some SUVs even have the towing capacity to cart a caravan, making those family holidays special.

In addition to their storage capacity, SUVs also offer improved cabin room. This means that you don’t feel cramped and squeezed in when driving. Even passengers benefit from this, with SUVs offering more legroom in the back than smaller models. 

Superior Performance and Excellent Handling 

If you didn’t know already, SUV stands for Sport Utility Vehicle. SUVs are a hybrid between a sports car and a utility vehicle. This means that they are designed with peak performance in mind. An SUV has the torque of a sports car and can accelerate fast and keep pace with smaller vehicles. For those that need a performance vehicle, they are a great choice.

Furthermore, their sporty design means that SUVs handle exceptionally well, which is excellent for city driving with its narrow streets and sharp turns. These vehicles are a dream to drive and are perfect for those who want a tight handling, responsive car. 

Brilliant Safety Ratings and Features

Modern SUVs are increasingly safer than their older counterparts. Most new SUVs have a high safety rating, which means that the driver and passengers will be kept safe in the unlikely event of a collision. Safety ratings are based on features such as airbags, ABS braking systems, lane drift detection, proximity sensors and reversing cameras. All of these features work to keep you and your passengers safe on the road. 

Off-Road Capabilities 

Another reason SUVs are becoming increasingly popular is due to their all-wheel-drive and off-road capabilities. This means they can handle rough dirt and gravel tracks and environments such as snow and slush. It’s worth noting that SUVs aren’t full four-wheel drives, so you probably won’t be able to take one out on the beach or on a 4WD track. However, they are an excellent option for families that like to go camping or visit the snow on the weekends.

Perfect for All Lifestyles

The SUV is an excellent choice of car, no matter your lifestyle or stage. For instance, young singles or couples will benefit from the storage space, off-road capabilities and towing capacity – a perfect weekend getaway vehicle. Families will love an SUV for the storage space and the passenger capacity. Even retirees don’t stop going on road trips or towing – making an SUV perfect for the later years of life.

Improved Fuel Economy

A drawback to earlier SUV models was that they were thirsty cars – they burnt a lot of fuel for not much distance. However, manufacturers are focusing on fuel economy, and today’s SUVs are a lot more efficient than their older cousins. Some brands are even building hybrid SUVs – and the combination of battery and fuel-powered means that a tank of fuel will last and last. In the future we will likely see more full electric SUVs too.  

SUV – The Future of Cars 

You can easily see how the SUV is the future of vehicles. We’ve detailed some reasons why this type of vehicle is increasingly popular with all lifestyles and ages. From towing capacity to high safety ratings and superior storage space, an SUV is an excellent choice of car. Whether for city or country driving, with an SUV, you get sports car performance and handling coupled with grunt and torque. 

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