Full Stack Developer Resume Tips with Examples

Regardless of the industry, almost every organization is looking for Full Stack Java developers. The reason is that smaller teams save time and cost. So the number of Full Stack Java Developer job openings is high at any given point in time.

To take advantage of the demand for Full Stack Developers, add a certification to your resume and be a preferred candidate at the time of hiring. Opt for the 100% Job Guarantee Full Stack Java Developer Course for a return on investment of the course fees, and get hired as a Full Stack Java Developer in a short period. The program is designed to teach you front-end, middleware, and back-end Java web technologies and build an end-to-end application. These skills and tools make you industry-ready for a job in high demand.

What is a Full Stack Java Developer?

A Full Stack Java Developer can develop both client and server software. All the tasks related to front-end, back-end, and database integration, are executed by a single Developer, thereby, reducing operational costs.

The Full-Stack Developer works with full-stack technologies, namely the presentation layer (the front-end development), the logic layer (the back-end development), and the database layer (the databases). It requires deep knowledge and expertise of full-stack tools that work with Java, such as core Java, REST API, and others.

How to Become One?

The roadmap to becoming a Full Stack Java Developer includes learning full-stack web development.

Learn the skills

Although Java is a comprehensive language, you must also learn other languages like SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Python, PHP, and Ruby. Other frameworks and technologies that you must include in your learning curve are React, Vue, core Java, HTML, CS, JS, Servlets, JSP, Hibernate, Java Web-service/RestFul API, Spring, Spring security, JUnit Selenium and Git. Apart from these tools, you are expected to know web architecture, databases and storage, backend/front-end languages and frameworks, tools to develop and deploy web apps.

Work on projects

Next, get an internship or work on projects under the guidance of an expert coder. This helps you learn advanced coding techniques and use tools and software intermediaries.

Gain experience

Gain experience working on back-end or front-end, and improve your coding skills working on different live projects.

Craft the perfect resume

Finally, craft a resume that presents your skills and abilities to your potential employer. Highlight your knowledge of Full Stack development.

Tips for a Full Stack Java Developer Resume

Landing a job as a Full Stack Java Developer in a top company is more about the way you present your technical skills and capabilities. For this, you need to perfect your resume.

Your resume should prove

  • Expertise in at least one server-side scripting language
  • Knowledge in at least one database technology
  • That you can handle the client-side as well.

Here are some resume tips to follow:

  • Add a link to your GitHub account.
  • Customize your application to the job post

  • Use keywords from the job description in the resume.
  • Make sure to mention all locations in your resume.
  • Add a project section to spotlight your technical knowledge and the tasks you have undertaken.
  • Highlight your Full Stack developer skills to demonstrate you have the necessary development experience.

  • Quantify your achievements, for instance, “implemented a new processing system, reducing turnaround time by 12%.”

  • Choose the correct format:

A chronological format is best used for displaying career progression. It is recommended for experienced Full Stack Developers. A recent graduate with little work experience may highlight education and skills at the top.

The functional format is recommended for those making a career change placing newly gained skills at the top.

  • Mention your Java/Full Stack certifications to enhance your resume.

Include the following sections:

Resume Summary

It is an overview of your application summing up your career path and skills necessary for the Java Full Stack Developer Resume. This may be at the end of your resume, or the beginning. Do not exceed 4-5 lines.

For entry-level applicants or candidates with less than 3 years of experience, a resume objective works better than a resume summary

Here is an example of how it must look like:

“Full Stack Developer with over 7 years of experience in Java/JS and their frameworks, Angular, Vue, React, Python. Developed over 60 websites from scratch at Company 1 and created more than 100 technical design documents, improved Company 2’s security by 30%, and attracted over 450,000 new customers to Company 3 after developing and implementing new data-driven features.”

Professional Experience

This is the most important section of your resume. It portrays your work path, the roles and responsibilities you have fulfilled in different organizations, and your core competencies. The hiring manager assesses this section, so it must be perfected.

Use the STAR format to showcase your expertise, listing as follows:

  • Backdrop: The situation or context of your project contributions
  • Task: The task that was assigned to you
  • Action: The action that was undertaken to execute the assigned task
  • Result: The outcome of your action

Example of how it appears:

“Full Stack Java Developer

Company Name   2019-ongoing   New Delhi

Developed 10+ full-stack web applications for different clients

Ensured applications security and interface with multiple APIs and databases

Designed and created a knowledge management platform utilizing technologies including Node.js, Typescript, React, and Mobx

Analyzed and developed 20+ new features in Java (EJB2, Spring, Hibernate) to enhance load times by 75%

Developed PHP script to restrict hosts from uploading low-quality files or unsupported formats, saving 20 TB of storage

Java Developer

Company Name   2017-2019   New Delhi

Created 50+ technical design documents and implemented Business Logic for 30 features

Developed 3-tier architecture to separate database, business, and client logic

Discovered and fixed 60+ bugs, increasing security and usability

Junior Java Developer ………….”


The education section is equally important.

Mention the following clearly:

  • Institution of graduation & post-graduation
  • Name of the degree
  • Dates of enrollment /graduation in month & year format.
  • The location


“M.S. Computer Science & Software Engineering

Delhi University

2016-2018, New Delhi   GPA   “


Full Stack Java Developer

Simplilearn 2021

AWS Solutions Architect Associate

AWS 2020

Java Development Certified Professional

Oracle 2019

Certified Agile Practitioner

Simplilearn 2019”


The goal of your Java Full Stack Developer Resume is to get you shortlist’s.

Hirers examine your resume to look for your skills and understand whether you meet the skill criteria of the job. As your ultimate goal is to get shortlisting, present your Full Stack Java Developer skills in a separate subsection.


“Key skills: UI designing, application designing, coding, wireframe & design, translation, debugging, front-end architecture, performance improvement, feature designing, project delivery,

Technical skills

Languages: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, ReactJS, JSON, Node, PHP, Ruby on Rails, and Normalize.css

Performance testing frameworks: Mocha, Jest

Front-end development tools: Babel, Webpack, NPM

Databases: MongoDB, SQL, and PostgreSQL”


Full Stack Java Developers are in demand because they can handle both ends, and take charge of the complete project. Hiring one is cost-effective for an organization. So get yourself a certification and land your dream Developer job.

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