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Flat Fee MLS Ohio Companies: Reviews!

As per Zillow, the standard home value of homes in Ohio is $211,374, while house values have gone up 14.6% since 2021. It is estimated that home sales in Ohio are likely to decrease, and home sellers looking to market their property should consider selling their houses at the right time. You might be wondering how you can sell your house in Ohio and make a considerable bargain. 

To let you know, selling a house in Ohio is not a tough job, but paying a 6% commission on home sales to a real estate agent makes a big deal. Hence, listing your house on Flat Fee MLS Ohio Companies is always a great choice to save yourself from real estate agent commissions and avail the total value of your home sales. 

Flat Fee, MLS Ohio companies have good opportunities for FSBO sellers as they can aid them in selling their houses through expertise and digital services. Let’s look at the best Flat Fee MLS Ohio Companies.

Flat Fee MLS Ohio Companies: Reviews and Rankings

Selling a house by owner is tough, but we have top Flat Fee MLS listing services lined up to inform you and make a wise decision.

What is Fizber.com?

Fizber is a leading online website in California specially designed and operated for FSBO house sellers. The business includes some notable real estate professionals and buyers. 

Founded in 2007, they are known for their free off-market listing claims that started operating in 2014. 

They also offer a range of list packages for listing motives where the business connects the seller with an agent to represent the seller in closing and provide assistance with disclosure. 

Fizber’s Credibility

The Fizber.com reviews indicate that the company is partnered with big names like Redfin and Zillow to syndicate the listings for broader coverage. However, the platform claims to operate nationally, but they don’t exist in all regions of the United States of America. 

They generally operate in big cities and have neglected the lesser populated area. Speaking of Fizber’s credibility, it is a trusted and legit MLS listing website but has started losing its prominence for being consistent. 

Selling with Fizber

Fizber is best suitable for home sellers familiar with FSBO selling methods because they are just a listing site and do not act as brokers. They work on a package plan and will connect you with a local listing agent based on your plan. We recommend not to pay for displaying management services, as they don’t work the best. 

If you’re well versed with the FSBO method and want a low-priced MLS listing package, Fizber would work for you. But if you wish for multiple customization options, straightforward business practices, and a high-tech website, this platform won’t aid your requirement. 

Fizber’s free property listing service

Under Fizber’s free property listing service, the company lists your property on their website, not on the local MLS. You can upload unlimited photos, listing prices, addresses, and any other information about your property that might be helpful to buyers. The best use of this free listing is that it remains on the platform until it sells. 

Fizber’s Flat Fee MLS Listing Packages

The platform has three different pricing tiers; let’s break it down. A Digital Boost of $95 will only aid your listings to get featured and be on the top list visible to house managers. 

Besides, the package includes most photos on Fizber and a highlighted list for maximum exposure. The surprising part about this package is it does not have an MLS listing, only a Redfin syndication. 

Get an MLS Boost of $295 and claim the most convenient MLS package. Here you get access to the list on Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor.com, along with your local MLS listing. A six-month Digital boost is also included.

Under Premium MLS Boost of $395, you can avail of all the perks of the MLS boost package and an extended photo limit of up to 25. Whereas listings with a higher volume of photos receive up to 39% buyer interaction, consider uploading more pictures to attract interactions. 


What is List with Freedom? 

Listwithfreedom is an easy-to-use online platform that makes the task of MLS listing for FSBO sellers easier. They tend to provide you with all aid that you, as an FSBO seller, would require in the process for a flat fee upfront. The platform is 100% online and highly digitalized. 

Listing with Listwithfreedom.com becomes easy as it gets done with a couple of clicks. All you need to do is add in some of your property photos and descriptions, sign documents, and get your home listed on MLS within 24-48 hours.

Listwithfreedom’s Credibility

The company is licensed as a real estate agent in Florida, Alabama, and Tennessee. They partner with fixed-fee brokers in other regions to provide listing services and have been in business since 2005. They are indeed one of the fastest-growing listing companies in the United States. 

Selling With Listwithfreedom.com

Selling With Listwithfreedom.com can be problematic as they don’t provide assistance other than being listed on the local MLS. As said, if you’re familiar with the process and only require little assistance with presentation and joint listings, free listings can help you widely. 

Listwithfreedom’s Flat Fee MLS Listing Packages

The platform offers a basic silver plan package of $89 that includes a 6-month listing period, 1 photo, syndication with other sites, buyer leads, listing forms and disclosures, unlimited changes, and additional paid services.

While the Gold Plan of $149 includes the same services as the silver plan, you can add six photos here. A Platinum Plan of $195 has been the most popular choice for FSBO home sellers as it includes everything in the Gold plan, with a permit to add 25 photos at once.

Last but not least, the Platinum+ plan of $295. Under this plan, you can double the listing period, schedule online, upload unlimited photos, and record virtual tours. This package is more suitable for sellers who have difficulty selling their property. 

Final Words

We have covered the best Flat Fee MLS Ohio companies to help you save thousands on agents’ commissions. To know the detailed review check out the Fizber.com reviews and learn about their ethics and operations. Meanwhile, for sellers desiring to pick Listwithfreedom.com, the information about the website is right above this. 

We advise you to take the Platinum+ plan of $295 and use it best. Individuals are still wondering about “what is list with freedom” and what’s their motive; they strive to sell their homes in the shortest amount of time possible.

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