Five tips to make moving a breeze

Whether it’s your first time moving or your nth, there’s no denying the stress that comes with it. After all, there’s so much to consider and many details to think about. Moving requires a lot of patience and planning, from preparing a budget and packing all your luggage to scouting a new place and shutting off the utilities – there’s a lot to do. 

However, moving doesn’t have to be a nightmare, whether down the street or across the country. It can be challenging, but there are ways you can reduce the bumps along the road. Keep scrolling to learn how you can make moving a breeze.

Five ways to make moving a breeze

1. Don’t rush

Moving is going to take a lot of time. As they say, haste makes waste so take your time when it comes to packing, organizing, and transporting your luggage. And if you’re doing it on your own and rushing about from one chore to another, mistakes are common. 

One of the primary reasons why moving becomes so stressful is that many try to do it all themselves. Doing so will not only slow you down but also affect your efficiency. The key to a successful move is hiring the right moving services since you won’t have to rush about it and can take your time ensuring everything is according to the plan.

Hiring packers and movers can make your job ten times easier. Plus, when it comes to packing bulky, expensive, or fragile items, you’ll need someone to help you move them around safely. 

Dedicated packing services can help you with packing & unpacking your luggage before and after your move and ensure the safety of all your items.

2. Create a checklist

Planning can help save you a lot of unnecessary trouble when it comes to moving. Prepare a checklist and plan ahead. You know that you will soon be moving, so you should not put off any necessary tasks until the end. 

Consider the moving timeline and schedule the dates for moving, shutting off, setting up utilities, and transferring subscriptions.  Make sure to clean, wipe, and disinfect your fridge at least two days before you move. 

If you don’t, it’ll leak and smell bad. Also, create a checklist of all your belongings so that if something gets lost in transit, you’ll know first.

3. Pack your essentials separately

After a long day, you won’t have the energy or the motivation to rummage through the boxes looking for your essentials. To avoid such a scenario, you must prepare a separate container for all your daily necessities, including a change of clothes, essential kitchen items you may need the next day, and other essentials. 

Many people skip this step on moving day and dig through all the boxes to find their toothbrushes. Pack everything you’ll need to settle in quickly and comfortably, from toiletries to pajamas to tomorrow’s work clothing. 

Do not forget to bring your children’s comfort items, such as their favorite blanket or toy. You should also ensure this package is the last item placed into the vehicle so you can access it easily.

4. Label all your boxes

Staying organized is key to an efficient move. Create a detailed inventory, purge unnecessary items, sort belongings into appropriate piles (either by category or by room), and clearly label all boxes. If you don’t label your packages descriptively, you won’t know where to look for something when needed.

You can easily organize your boxes using colored labels, water-proof markers, and sharp scissors. If you’re packing items up from a particular room, mark the boxes with the same color. In addition, label boxes so your belongings are not lost or damaged during transit, and you can unpack them efficiently.

5. Schedule and cancel utilities

After you’ve decided on a moving date, it’s time to call the utility companies to set up services at your new place. You wouldn’t want to get there after a long day of moving and discover that the utilities are cut off. 

Prepare in advance by putting together a moving folder to document all your needs. You should also contact your present utility providers and arrange to have their services disconnected on the day you plan to move out. 

Get in touch with the relevant utility providers and inform them when you want to be billed for their service. Additionally, you need to tell them of your new address so they can send you your last utility bill.

Bottom line

There is a great deal of planning involved in a move. With so much to consider, moving can feel a little daunting. Plus, if you’re moving further, it can be a lot more challenging as there are many more details you have to worry about. 

While it’s never a pleasant process, there are ways to lessen the hassle and stress so you may relish your new place’s joy. You can follow our tips to alleviate some of the stress of moving. Following these tips can help you keep everything in order, which can help you feel less overwhelmed and give you a better overall experience.

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