Five Reasons to Hire a Birth Injury Lawyer

Five Reasons to Hire a Birth Injury Lawyer

Delivering a child is one of life’s most impactful and cherished moments. Despite all the discomfort and pain accompanying childbirth, it remains an exciting and beautiful event. 

However, for some families, childbirth can be a traumatic experience. It happens when a child sustains medical injuries, resulting in permanent disability and a lifetime of suffering and pain. 

Every delivery indeed comes with unexpected risks for the child and the expecting mother, usually mitigated or handled by the medical team. Yet, in some cases, inevitable medical mistakes significantly affect a child’s health and are referred to as medical malpractice.

Many birth injuries cannot be prevented and may occur for various reasons. For instance, lodging of the child in the birth canal. But in some cases, the birth injury is the direct result of the mishandling or mistake made by the medical team. 

In this scenario, you may need the assistance of a birth injury lawyer to fight for your and your beloved child’s rightful compensation. 

Thus, if you believe your child was injured during the delivery process or labor, your first step should be to employ a birth injury lawyer from one of the best law firms in your area. While some people misjudge the importance of hiring a birth injury lawyer, here are five reasons you should seek a lawyer’s assistance immediately. 

Find the Value of Your Case

After your child’s injury, you may be confident about receiving compensation for the medical expenses and other related damages. However, you may not be able to find what your claim is worth. You may not know exactly how much compensation you rightfully deserve. 

On the other hand, if you have a birth injury lawyer, you can analyze the claim and determine its actual value by investigating all the facts related to your case. Remember, the extent of recoverable damages in a birth injury case largely depends upon the case details. 

Moreover, suppose there is gross negligence on the part of medical staff. In that case, your lawyer can help you seek punitive damages too. You can quickly recover damages for: 

  • The emotional and physical pain caused to your family and child
  • Lost income
  • All medical expenses
  • Legal fees
  • Any other out-of-pocket expense spurred by the diagnosis

Plus, your attorney will help you navigate the formalities of a malpractice lawsuit, enabling you to argue for a fair judgment at trial or negotiate a fair settlement on your child’s behalf.

Access and Gather Critical Resources

A professional birth injury lawyer helps you access and gather all the critical evidence and resources needed to strengthen your case. Remember, the chances of succeeding in your birth injury case without the help of a competent and experienced attorney are low. 

Birth injury lawyers investigate why and how the injury occurred and who is liable. They help in conducting witnesses’ interviews and securing testimonies. They collect evidence to fully substantiate a claim, consult medical experts, and facilitate communication with insurance companies and hospitals.

In short, they advocate for the injured child and their parents in pursuit of fair compensation by navigating through the complex legal process. They prepare legal strategies that require comprehending and absorbing large amounts of information before distilling them into something valuable and manageable. 

Moreover, with an experienced birth injury lawyer on your side, you can get access to various experts who can testify in your case, increasing the probability of getting the most favorable outcome. 

Get Onboard with Your Insurance Company

Negotiations between insurance companies and lawyers are central to every claim. Therefore, it is best to first speak to your lawyer and then to your insurance company. In short, let your attorney handle all the required communication with the insurance team. 

You may not realize it initially, but the adjusters or insurance companies are not always on your side. Often, they don’t have your best interest in mind and are only focused on their business’s bottom line.

The insurance company usually only takes you seriously if you have a lawyer. For an insurance company to make a reasonable settlement offer, it must have a reason to believe it will lose at trial. 

Thus, when an insurance company is sure that you have retained a professional lawyer, it will make a settlement offer covering your damages without any delays. Hence, it is important to let your attorney negotiate and handle communication with your insurance company to protect your legal interests. 

Free Professional Consultation and No Risk

You risk losing the case if you don’t have a birth injury lawyer. However, you can mitigate this risk by employing a birth injury lawyer without incurring any cost. In other words, there is no risk or harm in talking to a birth injury lawyer about your case. 

Several reputed birth injury lawyers offer a free initial consultation. Thus, you don’t need to pay any cost to discuss the potential of your case and get some valuable insights and guidance to deal with it. 

Moreover, most birth injury lawyers work on a contingency basis, meaning you don’t need to pay any cost or part of their fees until they 100% win your case. Or otherwise, until they successfully get you a fair settlement from the at-fault party. 

This means that you can get the assistance of competent and experienced professionals and proceed with your case based on their judgment and insights without incurring any additional cost. 

Receive Rightful Compensation for Your Child’s Needs

Last but not least, having a birth injury lawyer by your side is a surefire way to receive your child’s rightful compensation and to avoid strain on your finances in case of medical malpractice. Depending on the type and severity of the injury suffered by your child, you may need to face costs related to in-home care, occupational therapy, medical treatments, physical therapy, or more. 

Moreover, these injuries often dramatically impact the affected children for the rest of their lives, causing an emotional toll on their families. When you are sure about your child’s injury due to medical malpractice, a lawyer will provide you with all the grounds and resources to file a lawsuit against the faulty parties. 

And thus, a successful claim will result in substantial compensation to secure your child’s care for a lifetime. While you focus on your and your child’s physical recovery, the birth injury lawyer will focus on your financial recovery. 

In Conclusion

Birth injury cases are complex. They require evidence of medical error that is often hard to spot. So if you have experienced birth injury trauma, it is wise to focus on your and your child’s health and let the professional handle your case. 

A birth injury attorney will file a lawsuit on your behalf and support your claim with relevant evidence. They will negotiate and ensure you receive rightful compensation while handling your case from start to finish. 

Therefore, while the stress of giving birth takes a toll on you, let alone your child’s health condition, hire an attorney who can handle the legal matters for you and help you get the justice you deserve. 

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