FFXIV Reaper Guide and Build

The Reaper class is the second job introduced in the FFXIV Endwalker expansion.

The Guide and Build to FFXIV Reaper

The Reaper class is this profession introduced in the FFXIV Endwalker expansion. An evil, scythe-wielding figure with a demon avatar as from Void who came with the FFXIV Sage profession is here.

Additionally, Endwalker offered a slew of new elements to the game, featuring new dungeons, weaponry, and a male Viera as a selectable race. There was also a new tribe known as the Loporrits that you could join. Mare Lamentorum, a lunar terrain and a new training site for the Warriors of Light, Labyrinthos, are other new locales to discover.

If you’re interested in learning more about the FFXIV Glamor and Reaper class meanwhile, you should anticipate a grimmer job than the Sage class and FFXIV classes as a whole. The Reaper is a powerful melee attacker who wields void-based abilities. Reaper jobs are available in FFXIV, and here’s how you get them and how to utilize them to your advantage in combat. If all this convinces you, you should never miss a chance to buy FFXIV gil or just simply buy Gil.

The Final Fantasy XIV Reaper Sequence

The Reaper, much similar to dragoon, monk, samurai, and ninja, is a melee DPS profession. As a consequence of this form of combat, players are able to inflict enormous amounts of damage. Reapers are a pleasure to play because of their easy positioning and wide range of abilities.

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It’s easy to see your duty as a Reaper: use your lesser strikes to weaken your opponent’s so that you can use your stronger ones to charge them. When fighting, it’s crucial to keep an eye on your location to ensure that you’re within striking distance.

Assuming you’ve handled a melee profession previously, you’ll be acquainted with combinations – but if not, here’s how things work. In spite of the fact that you may press any battle power and inflict damage, your talents are best employed in a certain sequence.

Slice, Infernal Slice, and Waxing Slice make up Reaper’s primary single-target combination. The region combination, Spinning Scythe accompanied by Nightmare Scythe, is a good option if you’re dealing with a group of three or more adversaries. When you use these talents, your damage output goes up, and your Soul Gauge goes up as well.

How to Unlock the FFXIV Reaper?

Reaper can only be unlocked by having Endwalker and a level 70 Discipline of War or Magic. Steps of Nald (X: 12.8 Y: 8.6) is where you’ll find the NPC ‘Flustered Attendant’, who will give you the task The Killer Instinct.

Reaper Soul Gauge in FFXIV

As previously mentioned, the Reaper’s primary mechanic is the Soul Gauge. By performing talents or defeating foes that are affected by a certain effect, you may fill it. In addition to the aforementioned combinations, talents such as Shadow of Death and Whorl of Death inflict foes with Death’s Design, which may be used to fill your soul bar. If a marked enemy is slain before the spell expires, the harm you inflict on them will be increased, and your Soul Gauge will be augmented. As a result, Death’s Design must constantly be active. In order to keep your combination intact, you need always use Whorl of Death/Shadow of Death when it is about to finish, no matter where you are in your combo.

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Here’s how to put your newly acquired souls to good use. Blood Stalk and Grim Swathe are the first two abilities that demand souls. They both cost 50 souls; however, the former is a single target talent but is rather a multitarget technique. In addition, each of them provides a stack of Soul Reaver, thus opening the door to new abilities. The Gluttony talent is unlocked at level 76, and it does a significant level of destruction to a single target and an area. Additionally, at around the same price of 50 souls, Gluttony provides the second stack of Soul Reaver, making it an essential talent for later in the game.

Stacks of FFXIV Reaper Soul Reaper

You may employ the Soul Reaver stacks you’ve amassed to perform an even more potent combination. The talents Gibbet, Guillotine, and Gallows become accessible if you have accumulated enough Soul Reaver stacks. Using Guillotine, Gallows, and Gibbet together creates a tiny combination, although it costs one Soul Reaver stack.

Positional attacks, like those with the Gibbet and Gallows, are more efficient when launched at an opponent from a certain vantage point. For Gibbet, aim for the enemy’s flanks, and Gallows, target for their backs.

Shroud Gauge for the FFXIV Reaper

Your Soul Gauge now displays the total amount of Shrouds you’ve collected when you acquire Shroud Gauge at level 80. Enshroud requires the usage of the Enshroud skill, which is obtained through utilizing the gibbet, guillotine, and gallows.

Enshroud grants you 5 stacks of Lemure Shroud when your persona takes control of your body for 30 seconds. Use the Lemure Shroud to unleash powerful abilities like Void and Communio Reaping.

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It is possible to keep track of the length of your Lemure Shroud and the number of stacks you have while learning Shroud Gauge. To utilize talents like Lemure’s Slice, you must first master the Enhanced Shroud, and it gives you a chance to build Void Shroud stacks.

The more you learn about the Reaper’s powers, the more you’ll be able to use them in your rotation. This kit also includes damage boosts like Arcane Circle and an escape ability known as Hell’s Ingress, which may transport you out of harm’s way.

The Final Note

All you need to understand about becoming a Reaper, including how to get all the FFXIV mounts for style points from the FFXIV store, can be found here. Go for the FFXIV account or FF14 account if you haven’t acquired one yet!

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