What are the 8 must-have Features of e-Scooter Renting Application

What are the 8 must-have Features of e-Scooter Renting Application?

It is appropriate to call a cab for lengthy trips, but if someone wants to travel a few blocks, taxis are prohibitively costly, and walking is terrifying in cold weather.

Electric scooters (e-Scooters) and bicycles are the most practical modes of transportation in these scenarios. E-scooters and bike rentals live on this type of client, and the number is not insignificant. This ride-sharing industry is thriving.

While there is no restriction on the number of features you may include in your e-scooter application, several characteristics are included in virtually all e-scooter apps. Due to their critical nature to the primary functionality, they are referred to as the must-have features included in all e-Scooter apps.

Suppose you are wondering whether it’s the right business idea. In that case, it is best to look at a comprehensive guide to app development for renting an e-Scooter. You will be surprised to see how much the electric scooter applications market size and what significant contribution it is making in the on-demand app industry.

1. User Onboarding with sign-up

Allow consumers to begin riding as quickly as possible by making the sign-up procedure as simple as feasible in your e-Scooter app. Additionally, you may add an easy lesson about using the program, which will include all of the best practices for safely operating an e-Scooter.

2. Tracking the scooter

The e-Scooter app should make it easy for users to locate available E-scooters and quickly decide which one to rent. Additionally, the functionality would simplify the entire operation for them. As with the car rental service, the application you’re developing should enable customers to locate and rent e-scooters in a matter of seconds.

3. Rent Payments

Users may pay for services online using a secure and hassle-free payment method. This would be a feasible feature addition to your application. Keep in mind to offer as many payment alternatives as possible to assist your app’s customers in making online purchases. PayPal, Stripe, and Braintree are the most trusted and widely used in-application payment methods.

4. Ride History

It is a must-have feature to make your app accessible to your users so they can view their ride history. When utilizing an e-Scooter app, you will get informative ride histories. They assist consumers in tracking down previous rides and past payment amounts for the same.

Because of this, consumers often do not notice or have time to double-check the amount that was deducted from their cards for the ride. This feature often gets available later when they have time to use it.

5. Push Notifications

Push notifications are critical for the growth of your e scooter application. You can use this feature to deliver essential information to your users about their rides. On the other hand, push alerts are advantageous. It’s a way for businesses to keep users engaged with their applications by informing them about various specials and discounts.

6. User Reviews

If you want to create an application for electric scooters that stands out, you should strive to operate on it and keep it updated with any necessary changes.

The ratings and reviews functionality is critical for your application’s survival. It enables users to share their riding experience with you and notifies you of any errors encountered when interacting with your app or reserving their e-Scooters. Additionally, you will learn about other features that your customers want you to include in your e-Scooter application via this feature.

Additionally, this function will establish a real-time connection between you and your consumers, allowing your organization to survive in a competitive market.

7. Offers and Discount Coupons

This is a feature that will improve user engagement and keep people from leaving your application. Because, after all, who doesn’t enjoy bargains and special offers?

Discounts or rewards for recommendations not only satisfy riders but also help you grow your client base. Additionally, you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t in terms of keeping people engaged with your app.

8. Smart Lock

Customers will be able to lock the e-Scooters after their ride finishes by using the smart lock feature. Because of this, the next person who intends to use the e-Scooter will first be required to activate it via the program. Thanks to its basic feature set available in all e-Scooter apps, together with providing an excellent user experience, you have the chance to be the next industry success story.


The e-Scooter mobile app business is new but expanding. It’s time to hit the market and reap the rewards. Do you wish to grasp the e-Scooter mobile app concept? Discuss your e-Scooter application requirements before hiring a mobile app development company to learn more about this booming on-demand app idea for e-Scooter renting.

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