Eyelash extensions – the daily aftercare guide from LLBA products

Surely you already know about the necessary products in the process of eyelash extensions, but what about eyelash extension aftercare products? If you’re a beginner eyelash artist, it’s something you should learn by heart. Do not leave out any information below to advise your clients.

  1. Why are eyelash extension aftercare important?

xtension aftercare important

Your client should receive aftercare instructions following the eyelash extension procedure for a specific purpose. They will improve long-term retention, meaning their lashes will look fuller for longer by cleaning their lash extension set every day. If your client doesn’t take care of their lashes, they risk experiencing rapid lash loss and experiencing premature lash loss. Another widespread misconception is that lash extension cannot get wet since doing so would destroy the glue bond. Still, your client can take their usual shower, and a little water never hurt anyone!

Good upkeep for your clients’ lashes will also help them avoid infections. Both natural and artificial lashes serve the same purpose of keeping microorganisms out of their eyes. But if your clients don’t clean their extensions, bacteria will begin to accumulate and potentially infect them. An accumulation of dead skin and cosmetics on the lash line can also be caused by poor aftercare. In these cases, you may struggle to apply new eyelash extensions to dirty lashes when they come in for their infill, which can negatively impact the bond, causing their natural lashes to fall out.

As a result, you ought to provide an aftercare package that your clients can purchase when their appointments are over. Additionally, to maintain their lashes clean in between washings, your clients can also invest in a makeup remover that is appropriate for use on the lashes to remove eyeshadow and powder that may have landed on the lash. After paying for a full set of lashes, your clients will undoubtedly want them to last as long as possible. Therefore, proper maintenance is essential to maintaining your client’s lashes’ fullness and durability while preventing damage to their natural lashes.

  1. LLBA aftercare products – the best choices for your lash business

Besides the advice you give your clients for aftercare, you should also stock up on quality aftercare products in case your clients need them to keep their eyelashes beautiful for the long run. Here are three options worth considering for your business.

– LLBA Lash Bath

LLBA Lash Bath

The brand’s distinctive cleansing lash foam, known as LLBA Lash Bath or Lash Cleanser, is made especially for people who use eyelash extensions. All skin types, especially dry and sensitive skin, can use it. It softly removes all makeup, even waterproof makeup, without drying out the skin or eyelashes. This product is appropriate for professional use both before and after treatment. After pretreatment, rinse with saline, and rinse with purified water after post-treatment washing. If your client doesn’t use eyelash extension, you might suggest that they use the LLBA lash bath together with a Cashmere brush or cotton pad for the greatest results. After applying eye makeup, they can brush through their lashes in the lash bath to remove any makeup that may have gotten on their lash extensions. All they have to do is dab a little bit on a mascara wand and vigorously brush. Rinse is unnecessary!

– LLBA Coating Sealant

- LLBA Coating Sealant

The purpose of the LLBA Pro Coating Sealant is to extend the life of your client’s eyelash extension set. It will further defend against debris, oils, and substances that could weaken adhesives. This retail item will be well-liked by your clients because it extends their fill time. Your clients’ natural lashes may have an additional layer of protection thanks to this product. In addition, it lengthens the adhesive’s lifespan, keeping the extension in place for longer. Your clients should use the sealants all year long for the best result.

– LLBA Growth Serum

LLBA Growth Serum

This lotion is specially made for clients who wear eyelash extensions and those whose natural lashes have been harmed by excessive makeup or contact with heavy eyelash extensions. Your client may see benefits from regular lashes in as little as three weeks; by week four, they may have grown up to eighty percent in length. With damaged lashes, your clients might start to observe benefits after six weeks and up to eighty percent longer lashes by week twelve. Since every human eyelash is unique, you should advise your client to be patient. To see the results, you can advise them to take progress pictures on Days 1, 21, and 72. The crucial thing to keep in mind is that everything worthwhile requires time.

Our tips and suggestions in this article will make your eyelash extensions service more professional, so don’t skip any information.

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