Explore 5 popular lash extensions styles

As a lash artist, the more you learn about lash extension styles, the more opportunities you have to engage and delight your customers. Here are 5 trendy styles that you should refer to.

1.  A pop of colour

1. A pop of colour

We frequently look forward to the coming of pastels and florals as well as light, dewy makeup and golden glow highlights all over the hair as autumn approaches. However, when autumn draws near, we usually notice thick knits, a magnificent smokey eye, bolder lip colours, and a change to darker hair colours. The popularity of coloured eyelash extension styles is also rising.

A pop of colour is a full set of eyelash extensions, usually a volume set in black or dark brown with a pop of colour on the outer corners. It may seem unusual to choose coloured lashes when we’re used to seeing black ones, but there are so many things you can do with a tray of coloured lashes! In addition to being wonderful for fancy dress and festivals, they’re also a fun opportunity to play around with your clients’ fashion during the holiday season. White, pink, purple, and blue are the most common hues, but your clients can choose practically any shade they like—they can even have their entire set done in every colour of the rainbow if they want to.

Including some red and green lash extensions throughout their set can make your customers appear better during the holidays. Add a few pink volume fans to the bottom layer to offer your clients a small pop of pink colour. If your clients want to go all out with an electric blue set, you can even create Kim K spikes with coloured lashes in a closed fan – your imagination is the only restriction! It’s the ideal way to embrace the Christmas spirit.

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2. Brown lashes

2. Brown lashes

The brown extension style is one of autumn’s most popular lash extension styles. Brown eyelashes are getting more and more common. Google Trends indicates a rise in “brown lash extensions” searches within the US. What makes this lash style so likely to be popular, then?

First of all, fair-skinned individuals occasionally become paler, and brown will assist them in glowing their tone. Thus, folks with fair skin should go for dark lashes. In addition, chocolate brown lashes give your clients a touch of luxury and softness without removing their lash set’s dramatic appearance! In addition, warm makeup colours are preferred by most women year-round, but especially in the fall.

We suggest LLBA Professional’s products if you want high-quality brown eyelash trays. There are numerous colour options available as well. Their brown eyelash colour is bright and won’t fade thanks to superior processing and dye production.

3. Wet look

3. Wet look

Another lash design that is anticipated to gain worldwide traction is the wet look. The classic eyelash style is comparable to the wet lash effect, but because the lash bundles are broader, they appear thicker and bolder.

By mimicking the look of wet eyelashes, this style gives the appearance of eyelashes that are wispy and spikier. It’s perfect for achieving the “Kim K” lash appearance, which is becoming increasingly well-liked in the lash community. Applying wispy and delicate lash extensions to your client’s natural lashes will help you achieve this appearance. People with thick natural lashes are the ideal candidates for this kind of eyelash extension. This look is generally not advised for those with short lashes.

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4. Cat eyelashes

4. Cat eyelashes

Whether it’s created with eyeliner, the lash line, or a combination of the two, we all like a striking cat-eye look. Cat-eye lashes offer the client’s face a thinner appearance by elegantly lifting and lengthening the eyes. Cat-eye lash extensions are among the greatest lash extension types that match the kitten eyeliner trend.

The lashes gradually grow longer as you approach the outer corner of the eye. This resembles a winged liner and moves in a manner akin to a fan. Applying eyelashes from the inner corner of the eye up to the outer corner will give your clients this lash effect.

5. Doll-style lashes

5. Doll-style lashes

The open-eyed, lovely appearance of doll eyelash extensions is neither overly dramatic nor understated. The centre of the lash line, directly above the iris, is typically where the longest lashes are located. In the inner corner, they are the shortest, and in the outside corner, they are roughly middle.

It gives the appearance of a rounder eye shape by using a less extreme variation of the Open Eye extension technique. But the phrase “doll lashes” isn’t always accurate. In some salons, the term “doll eye” may apply to extensions that are staggered or to a rounded appearance with long or medium-length lashes on the outer 3/4 of the lash line.

Above are some popular lash extension styles, we hope this sharing is helpful for your work.

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