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Examples of integration of online games with casino elements. Reasons and benefits

Online games occupy a separate niche in the gaming industry and are very popular due to the social element. The task of the players is not just to acquire the best game advantages, but also to be better than opponents.

Game developers take advantage of this by adding casino and excitement elements to projects in order to diversify the gameplay, introduce a way to spend game currency and support the economy and add an element of luck to the success factor.

How it works

Take FIFA 23 for example – EA sports have added game packs of various values – bronze, silver, gold and special.

From each such set, you can get a random player of the quality of the set level and rarity. You will not be able to get Ronaldo or Messi from the bronze set, and even a special set does not guarantee you a drop of a popular player.

First, you are shown the country of the player, so that you are already inspired and scroll in your head what kind of player it could be, then the club and the position, and there were many jokes and disappointment of the casino level and two cherries and one lemon falling out on this score.

Gamers came across the country of Argentina, the Spanish club, the position of the striker, but instead of Messi, Higuain fell out, which caused a storm of emotions.

To open a large number of sets, the player will need a lot of game coins. You can complete all tasks and hold a thousand matches and tournaments to earn money, or buy the cheapest fifa coins on a special site for a large number of attempts.

Of course, you can simply buy interesting players, but firstly, this is a much higher cost set by the players themselves, and secondly, the element of excitement is lost, which attracts most players who like to get on their nerves.

Pros and cons


The main advantage of such integration into the gameplay is the self-employment of the player, in addition to the passion for game mechanics. When playing football, a gamer often enjoys the process only in case of victories, but the starting weak lineup will bring more defeats, so the primary interest will be directed to strengthening the game team.

Starting to buy and open sets, the player gets hooked on the excitement and chance of falling out and receives a reward for his actions – a certain football player.

If the football player is valuable and stronger than other players that the gamer has in stock, then progress has begun, and the gamer will continue to play even more matches, with an already increased percentage of wins, in order to try to strengthen the squad again and again. This does not guarantee that there will be no unsuccessful attempts, but just sets that do not bring any benefit and delay the gameplay, and therefore extend the time that the gamer will spend on the game.


The element of casino and excitement is not to everyone’s liking. This format is suitable for only two groups of players.

Those who are ready to spend many hours on the game and compensate for the number of attempts with a large number of FFA coins mined.

Those who are ready to donate a little to try to pull out good players, or just players with a good supply of patience, who spend as much time on the game as they see fit and are in no hurry even with an unsuccessful result. They go to a new match again and again and approach the game with a cool head.

Hot-tempered players often hate this format and quickly leave for another project, which, in their opinion, will be able to more adequately appreciate their efforts.

The reasons

Game developers need a way to keep the interest in the project constantly and earn additional funds in parallel.

Depending on the approach, such integrations of casino elements can be intrusive and demanding, but with the right company policy, they are not mandatory and allow obtaining game values in another way.

In FIFA 23, for example, it is still possible to build a strong squad by simply accumulating a lot of coins and buying ready-made players, simply not allowing yourself to plunge into the gamble of trying to draw the best player with reduced chances.

You can stick to compromises and just spend your allowed amount on entertainment and excitement and just control progress. Then parity is reached between necessity and entertainment, and the progress of the game continues.

Developers should understand that the more intrusive element of risk, the more groups of players will leave the project – there should be a golden mean that is convenient for farmers – those who play for many hours, gamblers and donators – who care about progress and opening any sets with a chance of success and momentum players who need results here and now – to enter the match, defeat the opponent and go about their business. Then the project will succeed, regardless of the built-in activities and depending on the luck factor.


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